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The Aberrationists

Ray O’Meara

Feather Eye

Charles S. Kuzmanovic, Mark Giacomin

A Sanctuary of Spirits

Leanna Renee Hieber

Shopping List 3

Sergio Palumbo, James Watts, david simon, jn cameron, Mark deloy


D.M. Siciliano

Old House of Fear

Russell Kirk

In Tooth and Claw - Tales of Horror and The Supernatural

Dan Soule

A Dream to Die For - A Novel

Susan Z. Ritz

A Fragment Too Far - A Sheriff Luke McWhorter Mystery

Dudley Lynch

Ladies of Gothic Horror - (A Collection of Classic Stories)

Mitzi Szereto

The Garage

J. Dispenza

Unspeakable - dark horror from a true master

Graham Masterton

The Great Glowing Coils of the Universe - Welcome to Night Vale Episodes Volume 2

Joseph Fink, Jeffrey Cranor

Death Mask - gripping horror from a true master

Graham Masterton

Welcome to Night Vale - A Novel

Joseph Fink, Jeffrey Cranor

Blurred Vision - Seven billion voices about to be silenced

Chris Botragyi

The Immortal Who Loved Me - An Argeneau Novel

Lynsay Sands

The Sentinel

Jeffrey Konvitz

Kissing Carrion

Gemma Files

Plague of the Manitou - A ‘Manitou’ Horror Novel

Graham Masterton

Night Theater - A Novel

Vikram Paralkar


Mary O Paddock

Paramourn - Unfortunate Romances

John Edward Lawson

Road Kill - Texas Horror by Texas Writers Volume 3

Bret McCormick, James H Longmore, Madison Estes, Dennis Pitts, ER Bills, Aaron Milstead, Samantha Andrasko, Shawna Borman, Bryce Wilson, Jacklyn Baker

The Big Book of Bootleg Horror Vol IV

Erin Lee

Made in Britain

Kevin J. Kennedy, Michael Chapman, David Owain Hughes, James H Longmore, David Turnbull, Ross Baxter, Guy N Smith, Lex H jones, C Bailey Baccus, Nick Stead

While the Black Stars Burn

Lucy A. Snyder

Blood and Blasphemy

Gerri R Gray

A Winter's Night - A thrilling mix of history and fantasy for fans of George RR Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series

Theodore Brun

The Lights

Michelle D. Baillargeon