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Occult fiction

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Malice and Madness

J.T. Lozano

The Red Lake Entity

James Salsido

Zombie Hooker - A Love Story

James H Longmore

Cursed - Born of the Blood #1

Skylar McKinzie


Erin Lee, Alice La Roux, Mila Waters, Sara Schoen, Taylor Henderson, BeBe Harlow, Caitlin L McCulloch

The Familiar

Benjamin E. Sawyer

Archon - The Books of Raziel

Sabrina Benulis

Blue World

Robert R. McCammon

Damnation and a side of Toast - Book One of The Morning Star Diner

Timothy Peterson

Biddy Trott

Donna Maria McCarthy

The Big Book of Bootleg Horror Volume 3 - By Invitation Only

Jeff Strand, Edward Lee, Richard Chizmar, Ray Garton, David Owain Hughes, Jack Ketchum, Chad Lutzke, James H Longmore

Worship Me

Craig Stewart

Dangerous Toys

Brian Knight

Eighteen Lives

Dove Calderwood

Riddance - Or: The Sybil Joines Vocational School for Ghost Speakers & Hearing-Mouth Children

Shelley Jackson


Kathleen Kaufman

Mad Mabon

Kathia Iblis, Rena Marin, Tiffany Carby, Lorah Jaiyn, T. Elizabeth Guthrie, M. Rain Ranalli, Krystle Able

They Call Us Monsters - An Omnibus

Brian Knight

Midnight Blues - Tulpa Chapbook Series

Brian Knight


C. M. Martens

The Graham Masterton Collection Volume One - The Manitou Charnel House and The Hymn

Graham Masterton


Brian Knight

A Strange Story

Edward Bulwer-Lytton

The King in Yellow

Robert Chambers


Vernon Lee

Dr Nikola's Experiment

Guy Newell Boothby

The Secret of the Ninth Stone

Kylie Fitzpatrick

Memoirs of a Fallen Angel

Deeton Charles


Brian Knight

Broken Angel

Brian Knight