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Trim The Cartographer's Cat - The ship's cat who helped Flinders map Australia

Philippa Sandall, Matthew Flinders, Gillian Dooley

The Big World According to Little Hunterman - Fun and Seriously Cool Doggy Wisdom for Dog Lovers

Hunter Lassal

RSPB Spotlight Ducks and Geese

Marianne Taylor

RSPB Spotlight Snakes

Jules Howard

Rare British Breeds - Endangered Species in the UK

Sophie McCallum

Tricks in the City - For Daring Dogs and the Humans that Love Them

Sassafras Lowrey

My Dog My Buddha - A Spiritual and Empowering Approach to Dog Training

Kimberly Artley

Doing Their Bit - The British Employment of Military and Civil Defence Dogs in the Second World War

Kimberly Brice O'Donnell

Making Dogs Happy - A Guide to How They Think What They Do (and Don't) Want and Getting to "Good Dog!" Behavior

Paul McGreevy, Melissa Starling

I Love My Dog Embroidery - 380 Stitch Motifs for Dog Moms and Dads


The Horse Book - Horses of Historical Distinction

Kathleen Walker-Meikle

Seafurrers - The Ships' Cats Who Lapped and Mapped the World

Philippa Sandall

The Horseman - The West Country Trilogy

Tim Pears

The Horseman - The West Country Trilogy

Tim Pears

The Lucky Dog Weight Loss Plan

Vicky Marshall

The Pug Who Bit Napoleon - Animal Tales of the 18th & 19th Centuries

Mimi Matthews

The Age of the Horse - An Equine Journey Through Human History

Susanna Forrest

Poison-Proof your Dog - A Training and Practice Programme for Avoiding Poisoned Bait

Sonja Meiburger

Riding without a bit - The gentle art of sensitive riding

Josepha Guillaume

Long Reining - From The Beginning Through The Levade

Dr Thomas Ritter

The Total Cat Manual - Meet Love and Care for Your New Best Friend

Abbie Moore, David Meyer, Pia Salk

Meow Kitty Cat Care Log Book Journal

Kristy Jenkins

Slithery Creature Care

Peter Wolfgang

Aquaponics for Beginners - An Aquaponic Gardening Book to Building Your Own Aquaponics Growing System to Raise Plants and Fish

Garrick Mitchell

Origins - In Search of Ancient Dog Breeds - First Volume - From Prehistory to Ancient Greece

Giovanni Padrone

Betta Fish - Learn all about Betta Fish

Leandro Silva

Cat training techniques

Den Atkison

Pet Birds

Normany Alkon

Dog Potty Training

Steve Macollins

Horse Training

Winnie Prandell