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Analisys and application of dry cleaning materials on unvarnished pain surfaces

M. Daudin-Schotte, K. J. Van den Berg, H. Van Keulen

The Clock Jobber's Handybook - A Practical Manual on Cleaning Repairing and Adjusting: Embracing Information on the Tools Materials Appliances and Processes Employed in Clockwork

Paul N. Hasluck

Book Restoration Unveiled - An Essential Guide for Bibliophiles

Sophia S.W. Bogle

Furniture Restoration - 1 - Cleaning - Repairs - Stains - Splits - Reconstructions - Glues & Pastes

Valerio Poggi, Roberto Paravagna

French Polishing Stage by Stage - Easy to Follow Instructions for Novices

A Anon

A Book of Helpful Hints and Tips for Restoring Furniture Around the House

A Anon

A Little Book of Vintage Chair Repairs - Including How to Fix Perforated Seats Repairing Spoon Back Dining Chairs and Much More

A Anon

How To Restore Your Old Furniture – Like A Pro! - Pro Tips #3

Lewis Carter

Carousel Magic

LaVerne St. George