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Coming Home to Penvennan Cove

Linn B. Halton

Nano Housing - How a Small House Can Teach the World to Think BIG

Suresh Haware

Shipping Container Homes - A guide to shipping container homes including plans design ideas and much more!

Ross Johnson

How To Estimate Repair Costs On A Rehab - A Simple System For Successful Repair Estimates As A Real Estate Investor

Jeff Leighton

Clean & Organize Your Home & Closet - Tidying Up Cleaning & Removing Clutter From Your Life & Mind

Kerry Lee

Tricks About Home Repair and Improvement You Wish You Knew Before - How Not to Spend Money Hiring Someone When You Can Do it Yourself Cheaply and Better!

Warren Green

Open House - Reinventing Space for Simple Living

Amanda Pays, Corbin Bernsen

The Handy-Dandy Home Repair Guide - Common Household Problems You Can Fix Yourself

Todd McGee, Instafo

Old Home Love

Candis Meredith, Andy Meredith

Extreme How-To: The Quick & Easy Home DIY Manual - 321 Tips

Matt Weber, How-To The Editors of Extreme

Minimalism For Families Who Want to Live A More Meaningful Life by Decluttering Their Home

Marie Scott

Barrier Free Real Estate~Achieving Freedom at Home

Jeffrey Kerr

Minimalist Living - Declutter Your Home for A Simple Life

Mark Evan Nathan

Laminate Floor Laying on a Budget - DIY

Andrew Ben

Shipping Container Homes - Comprehensive Intermediate Guide on How to Build Your Own Comfortable Shipping Container Home Fast While Saving Money Get Floor Plans Strategies Blueprints Tips Ideas a

Alex Freeman

Minimalism: A Journey into More with Less

Summer Marsh

Tiny Houses Beginners Guide - Tiny House Living On A Budget Building Plans For A Tiny House Enjoy Woodworking Living Mortgage Free And Sustainably In A Beautifully Decorated Tiny House For Life

Alex Freeman

The Declutter Challenge - A Guided Journal for Getting your Home Organized in 30 Quick Steps (Guided Journal for Decorating For Fans of Cluttered Mess and Zen as F*ck)

Cassandra Aarssen

Shipping Container Homes - How to build a shipping container home including plans cool ideas and more!

Daniel Knight

Clutter-Free Forever - Nourish Your Soul

Julie Schooler

Little Pink Houses - Five Assignments for Putting All of the Pieces Together

Abbe Quarles

How To Use Soil Stabilization In Road Construction

Frank Peters


Dave Hale

Sally and Jim Build a House - A Practical Guide to Building Your Home

Peter Eade

Declutter Your Home: Stress Free Habits to Simplify Your Home With Simple Self Discipline to Reduce Waste and Stress While Living More With Less

Timothy Willink, Minimalist Living Academy

Your Home Your ATM Machine= An Expert's Guide To A Successful Airbnb GuestHouse Business Raking in Six Figures

Gertrude Okore

Revivify Your Home - Take Control of Your Home Improvement with Peace of Mind and Level up Your Life

Grace Mase

A Tiny House Fixed My Retirement Cash Flow: By Freeing Up A Rental Property for Two People and a Dog

Kevin Morgan

Simple Bathroom Organizing

Jenna K. Vickers

Stone House on Jeju Island: Improvising Life Under a Healing Moon

Brenda Paik Sunoo