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HMS Belfast Pocket Manual

John Blake

Ready to Come About

Sue Williams

Hillman Cars

James Taylor


Bloomsbury Bloomsbury Publishing

The RAF - 1918–2018

Julian Hale

North American XB-70 Valkyrie

Peter E. Davies

Trams and Trolleybuses

Oliver Green

The Cutty Sark Pocket Manual

Museum National Maritime, Arron Hewett, Louise Macfarlane

The Epic Voyages of Maud Berridge - The seafaring diaries of a Victorian lady

Sally Berridge

The Royal Air Force - A Centenary of Operations

Michael Napier

The Avro Arrow - For the Record

Palmiro Campagna

Titanic: A Passenger's Guide Pocket Book

John Blake

The Mosquito Pocket Manual - All marks in service 1941–1945

Martin Robson

Mapping Naval Warfare - A visual history of conflict at sea

Jeremy Black

Rabaul 1943–44 - Reducing Japan's great island fortress

Mark Lardas

The Hurricane Pocket Manual - All marks in service 1939–45

Martin Robson

USN Battleship vs IJN Battleship - The Pacific 1942–44

Mark Stille

British Destroyers 1939–45 - Wartime-built classes

Angus Konstam

Bell X-2

Peter E. Davies

The Story of Crossrail

Christian Wolmar

USS Constitution A Midshipman's Pocket Manual 1814

Eric L. Clements

TSR2 - Britain's lost Cold War strike jet

Andrew Brooks

Tales from the Captain's Log

Archives The National

Railway Guns of World War I

Marc Romanych, Greg Heuer

Daniel Defoe's Railway Journey - A Surreal Odyssey Through Modern Britain

Stuart Campbell


James Taylor

Storm of Eagles - The Greatest Aviation Photographs of World War II

John Dibbs, Kent Ramsey, Robert "Cricket" Renner

The Mighty Hood

Ernle Bradford

A Wind from the North: The Life of Henry the Navigator

Ernle Bradford

North American X-15

Peter E. Davies