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Gunsmith Tools Cutter & Gauges - A Primer

Fred Zeglin, Products Foster, Reamers Manson Precision, Gauge Pacific Tool &, Inc. Clymer Precision, LLC JGS Precision Tool Mfg., Inc. SAAMI

Engraving and Enamelling - The art of champleve

Phil Barnes


Dan Hanson

Blacksmithing for Beginners: 20 Secrets Every Novice Should Know Before Starting

Wes Sander

Bladesmithing Compendium for Beginners - 3 Manuscripts for Beginner Bladesmiths and Knife Makers

Wes Sander

101 Bladesmithing Mistakes: Knife Making Mistakes That Ruin Your Knives and How to Avoid Them

Wes Sander

Bladesmithing: 101 Bladesmithing FAQ: Answers to Your Burning Knifemaking Questions About Forging Stock Removal Tools and Heat Treatment

Wes Sander

Bladesmithing: 101 Bladesmithing Secrets: What Every Bladesmith Should Know Before Making His Next Knife

Wes Sander

Kumihimo Wire Weaving: How to Make Wire Kumihimo Braids With Affordable Metals and Minimal Tools

Amy Lange

Chain Maille Wire Weaving: How to Make Chain Maille With Affordable Metals and Minimal Tools

Amy Lange

Bladesmithing From Scrap Metal: How to Make Knives With Leaf Springs Saw Blades Railroad Spikes and Files

Wes Sander

Bladesmithing: Bladesmithing for Beginners: Make Your First Knife in 7 Steps

Wes Sander

Heat Treatment

Richard Lofting

Wire Weaving: Beginner + Intermediate Guide to Wire Weaving: 2-in-1 Wire Weaving Compendium for Beginner and Intermediate Wire Workers

Amy Lange

Intermediate Wire Weaving: How to Create Wire Jewelry Without Splurging on Expensive Metals

Amy Lange

Wire Weaving for Beginners: Make Your First Wire Jewelry Project and Learn Basic Wire Weaving Skills

Amy Lange

Casting for the Home Workshop

Henry Tindell, Dave Cooper

Knife Making: Beginner + Intermediate + Advanced Guide to Bladesmithing: Knife Making for Beginner Intermediate and Advanced Bladesmiths - Knife Making Mastery

Wes Sander

Bladesmithing: Advanced Guide to Bladesmithing: Forge Pattern Welded Damascus Swords Japanese Blades and Make Sword Scabbards - Knife Making Mastery #3

Wes Sander

Bladesmithing: Beginner + Intermediate Guide to Bladesmithing - Bladesmithing Compendium for Beginners and Intermediate Level Knife Makers

Wes Sander

Blacksmithing - The Ultimate Blacksmithing Techniques Guide

Benji Grayhound

Bladesmithing: A Definitive Guide Towards Bladesmithing Mastery - Knife Making Mastery #1

Wes Sander

Metallurgical and Materials Engineering: Introduction and Applications

Uzochukwu Mike P

How to Make and Sell One of a Kind Bracelets Fast: Memory Wire Bracelets

Monique Littlejohn

How to Make Wire Wrapped Earrings from Unusually Shaped Beads

Monique Littlejohn

Kumihimo Wirework Made Easy - 20 Braided Jewelry Designs Step-by-Step

Christina Larsen

Woven in Wire - Dimensional Wire Weaving in Fine Art Jewelry

Sariah Thompson

An Introduction to Metal-Working (Illustrated)

J.C. Pearson

How to Run a Lathe - Volume I (Edition 43) The Care and Operation of a Screw-Cutting Lathe

J. J. O'Brien, M. W. O'Brien

English Ironwork of the XVIIth and XVIIIth Centuries - An Historical and Analytical Account of the Development of Exterior Smithcraft

J. Starkie Gardner