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Skye Terrier

Muriel P. Lee

D is for Dog - An Easy Guide to Veterinary Care for Dogs

Terrie L Sizemore

Horse Follow Closely - Native American Horsemanship

Gawani Pony Boy

Border Terrier

Muriel P. Lee

How to Care & Raise your Missouri Fox Trotting Horse

Vince Stead

Chill out fido! - how to calm your dog

Nan Arthur

Parrot Tricks - Teaching Parrots with Positive Reinforcement

Tani Robar, Diane Grindol

Clicker Training

Arden Moore

The Natural Vet's Guide to Preventing and Treating Cancer in Dogs

DVM Shawn Messonnier


Desiree Scott

The Power of Positive Dog Training

Pat Miller

Avairy construction made easy

The Avairy Guy

Dr Earl Mindell's Nutrition and Health for Dogs

Earl PH.D. Mindell, Elizabeth Renaghan

Dogs Of The British Islands The SettersGordon And Irish



Robert Pollet

Crested Geckos - From the Experts at Advanced Vivarium Systems

Philippe De Vosjoil

Here Kitty Kitty

Mallory McInnis

Brussels Griffon Dog Training and Behavior Understanding Book

Vince Stead

Lovebirds - A Guide to Caring for Your Lovebird

Nikki Moustaki

German Shepherd Dog

Dog Fancy Magazine

Australian Cattle Dog

Charlotte Schwartz

Intermediate Western Exercises

Cherry Hill

What Labs Love

Ed Camelli, Mike Singer

Healing Touch for Dogs - The Proven Massage Program

Michael W. Fox

Seriously Mum - The Complete Series

Alan Parks

Essential Oils for Dogs

Dave Lay TH


Miriam Fields-Babineau


Dog Fancy Magazine

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

Nikki Moustaki


Richard G. Beauchamp