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Word Origins - The Romance Of Language

Cecil Hunt

The Conflict Thesaurus - A Writer's Guide to Obstacles Adversaries and Inner Struggles (Volume 2)

Becca Puglisi, Angela Ackerman

Digital Feedback Methods

Jennifer Schluer

Stories in French for Kids - Read Aloud and Bedtime Stories for Children

Christian Stahl

Amazing Animals ABC

Yuliia Zolotova

Descartes Dictionary

John Morris

Kant Dictionary

Morris Stockhammer

How to Get Your Book Published for Free Every Time - Publication Secrets Unveiled

Nishoni Harvey

An Empirical Study of EFL Writing at Primary School

Ruth Trüb

The Compendium of Erotica - Dictionary of Erotic Literature Dictionary of Aphrodisiacs and Love Potions Through the Ages

Harry E. Wedeck

Writing the Wisdom - Creative writing as healing from childhood trauma

Penny Johnson, Barbara Glasson

Un pas de deux un pas de dieu - Anne Bradstreet y Thomas Merton una conversación

Christine Jensen Hogan

Conversational Spanish Dialogues for Beginners and Intermediate Students

Spain World Language Institute

Accelerated Learning Crash Course - How to Easily Learn New Skills and Subjects Develop Laser Sharp Focus Triple Your Reading Speed and Improve Your Memory Ability!

Sebastian Croft

PONS 5-Minuten-Lektüre Englisch A1: Summer Holidays - … und viele weitere Kurzgeschichten aus dem englischen Alltag Mit 20 Mind-Maps zum Wortschatzlernen


French for Beginners - The COMPLETE Crash Course to Speaking French in 5 DAYS or LESS!

Bruno Thomas, Émile Dubois

New perspectives in Audiovisual Translation - Towards Future Research Trends


Storytelling for Writers and Screenwriters - Creating Your Own Story Step by Step from Scratch

Emanuele M. Barboni Dalla Costa

Emotional Copywriting - The Psychology Behind the Persuasion

Emanuele M. Barboni Dalla Costa

The Great Dictionary Swedish - English - 60000 Entries

Benjamin Maximilian Eisenhauer

The Manipulation Bible - The Dark Side of Communication

Wladislaw Jachtchenko

A Guide to Public Speaking Techniques to Avoid Stress and Engage Your Audience

Rudolph J. Smith

Learning Korean with the Little Prince

Charlie Jung

Read With Speed - The Ultimate Speed Reading Guide to Quadruple Your Reading Speed in 1 Hour or Less!

Sebastian Croft

Conversational Arabic Quick and Easy - Lebanese Dialect - PART 3

Yatir Nitzany

Coming In From The Cold - El Deshielo Del Corazón

Skimming Stones Bilingual Books

Conversational Arabic Quick and Easy - Lebanese Dialect - PART 2

Yatir Nitzany

Language Learning Laughs - Language and Cultural Bloopers & Stories from Around the World

Marci Renée

Cracked Heart - Poetic Thoughts on a Life

Michele Venné

Creative Play: A Guide for the Artistic Path

Michele Venné