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Language & Linguistics / Linguistics / Semantics, discourse analysis, stylistics

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Black Feelings - Race and Affect in the Long Sixties

Lisa M. Corrigan

Pragmatics and Semantics - An Empiricist Theory

Carol A. Kates

Queering Drag - Redefining the Discourse of Gender-Bending

Meredith Heller

Arts of Address - Being Alive to Language and the World

Monique Roelofs

Aspectuality - An Onomasiological Model Applied to the Romance Languages

Sarah Dessì Schmid

Speak Up - Learn the Power of Rhetoric & Communication Introvert & Strengthen Self-Confidence Improve Speeches Presentations & Moderations Speak out Loud Freely & Persuasive

Simone Janson

When Words Trump Politics - Resisting a Hostile Regime of Language

Adam Hodges

Queering Romantic Engagement in the Postal Age - A Rhetorical Education

Pamela VanHaitsma

Market Affect and the Rhetoric of Political Economic Debates

Catherine Chaput

Diagnosing Madness - The Discursive Construction of the Psychiatric Patient 1850-1920

Cristina Hanganu-Bresch, Carol Berkenkotter

Peculiar Rhetoric - Slavery Freedom and the African Colonization Movement

Bjorn F. Stillion Southard

Remembering Women Differently - Refiguring Rhetorical Work

Lynée Lewis Gaillet, Helen Gaillet Bailey

Lives of the Dead Poets - Keats Shelley Coleridge

Karen Swan

A Theory of the Aphorism - From Confucius to Twitter

Andrew Hui

Lynching - Violence Rhetoric and American Identity

Ersula J. Ore

The Two Cultures of English - Literature Composition and the Moment of Rhetoric

Jason Maxwell

Keywords - The New Language of Capitalism

John Patrick Leary

When Right Makes Might - Rising Powers and World Order

Stacie E. Goddard

Kenneth Burke's Permanence and Change - A Critical Companion

Ann George

The War of Words

Kyle Jensen, Anthony Burke, Jack Selzer

Editorial Bodies - Perfection and Rejection in Ancient Rhetoric and Poetics

Michele Kennerly

The Interruption That We Are - The Health of the Lived Body Narrative and Public Moral Argument

Michael J. Hyde

The Bad Sixties - Hollywood Memories of the Counterculture Antiwar and Black Power Movements

Kristen Hoerl

Introducing Science through Images - Cases of Visual Popularization

Maria E. Gigante

Forallx - An Introduction to Formal Logic

P.D. Magnus

Meaning and Interpretation - Wittgenstein Henry James and Literary Knowledge

G. L. Hagberg

Racial Worldmaking - The Power of Popular Fiction

Mark C. Jerng

The Keys of Power - The Rhetoric and Politics of Transcendentalism

Nathan Crick

Winning Arguments - What Works and Doesn't Work in Politics the Bedroom the Courtroom and the Classroom

Stanley Fish

Logos Without Rhetoric - The Arts of Language before Plato

Robin Reames