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Tal Sterngast Twelve Paintings - Excursions in the Gemäldegalerie of the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin

Michael Eissenhauer, Tal Sterngast

András Szántó The Future of the Museum - 28 Dialogues

András Szánto

Donatien Grau Living Museums - Conversations with Leading Museum Directors

Donatien Grau

Max Siedentopf - Home Alone Survival Guide

Nadine Barth

ARCHITECTURE IS PARTICIPATION - Die Baupiloten-Methods and Projects

Susanne Hofmann

An Interesting Life So Far - Memoirs of Literary and Musical Peregrinations

Bruce King

EUROPEAN URBANITY - THE ADAPTABLE CITY - Results of Europan 12 & 13 in Austria

Pia Spiesberger, Bernd Vlay

The Fourth BMW Art Guide by Independent Collectors

Group BMW, Collectors Independent

Teaching Adult Immigrants with Limited Formal Education - Theory Research and Practice

Dr. Martha Young-Scholten, Joy Kreeft Peyton

Grassroots Literacy and the Written Record - A Textual History of Asbestos Activism in South Africa

John Trimbur

Nardagani - A Memoir - Finding Light in the Shadow of a Brother's Disappearance

Narda Pitkethly

Language Education in a Changing World - Challenges and Opportunities

Dr. Rod Bolitho, Richard Rossner

One Two Three Is Not Trigonometry

Goose Goosepunk


Laurie Foos

The Cell Phone Lot

Greta Gorsuch

The Secrets to Teaching Reading - What no one ever told you

Roxie Sporleder

Early Trilingualism - A Focus on Questions

Dr. Julia D. Barnes

Artificial Intelligence in Second Language Learning - Raising Error Awareness

Prof. Marina Dodigovic

Studies of Fossilization in Second Language Acquisition

Dr. ZhaoHong Han, Dr. Terence Odlin

Cross-linguistic Influences in the Second Language Lexicon

Prof. Janusz Arabski

Focus on French as a Foreign Language - Multidisciplinary Approaches

Dr. Jean-Marc Dewaele

Fossilization in Adult Second Language Acquisition

Dr. ZhaoHong Han

Age Accent and Experience in Second Language Acquisition

Dr. Alene Moyer

Age and the Acquisition of English as a Foreign Language

Dr. María del Pilar García Mayo, María Luisa García Lecumberri

Beginning a Lifelong Love of Literacy

Joycelin Brown Hulett Ph.D.

Tackle Reading

Kathryn Starkey

A New Direction

Janet Mills, Anne-Marie Meyer, Harper Lee Park

New Insights into Language Anxiety - Theory Research and Educational Implications

Dr. Jean-Marc Dewaele, Christina Gkonou, Mark Daubney

Framework for Success in Postsecondary Writing The - Scholarship and Applications

Nicholas N. Behm, Sherry Rankins-Robertson