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Wordslut - A Feminist Guide to Taking Back the English Language

Amanda Montell

Rewriting Language - How Literary Texts Can Promote Inclusive Language Use

Christiane Luck

Formulaic Language and New Data - Theoretical and Methodological Implications

Christian Pfeiffer, Natalia Filatkina, Sören Stumpf, Elisabeth Piirainen

When Words Trump Politics - Resisting a Hostile Regime of Language

Adam Hodges

Multilingual Construction of Identity - German-Turkish Adolescents at School

Isil Erduyan

Explain Me This - Creativity Competition and the Partial Productivity of Constructions

Adele E. Goldberg

Style and Intersubjectivity in Youth Interaction

Dwi Noverini Djenar, Michael Ewing, Howard Manns

The Social Origins of Language

Robert Seyfarth, Dorothy Cheney

On Language - Chomsky's Classic Works: Language and Responsibility and Reflections on Language

Joyce C. Oates

Grand Theory in Folkloristics

Lee Haring

What the Signs Say - Language Gentrification and Place-Making in Brooklyn

Shonna Trinch, Edward Snajdr

Handbook of English Idioms Parables and Colloquial Sayings

John C. Rigdon

Speaking Spanish in the US - The Sociopolitics of Language

Janet M. Fuller, Jennifer Leeman

Il sessismo nella lingua italiana - Trent’anni dopo Alma Sabatini


Language Culture and Identity in Two Chinese Community Schools - More than One Way of Being Chinese?

Sara Ganassin

THe Idiolect Chaos and Language Custom Far from Equilibrium: Conversations in Morocco

Joseph W. Kuhl

Anthropomorphics - An Originary Grammar of the Center

Dennis Bouvard

The World's Worst Swear Words & Their Surprising Origins: English - The World's Swear Words #1

Brian Loo Soon Hua

The Dynamics of Language and Inequality in Education - Social and Symbolic Boundaries in the Global South

Joel Austin Windle, Dánie de Jesus, Prof. Lesley Bartlett

Sociolinguistic Perspectives on Migration Control - Language Policy Identity and Belonging

Markus Rheindorf, Prof. Ruth Wodak

The Abuse of Language and the Language of Abuse

J. Andrew Kirk

Spake: Dialect and Voices from the West Midlands

Urszula Clark

Chronotopic Identity Work - Sociolinguistic Analyses of Cultural and Linguistic Phenomena in Time and Space

Dr. Sjaak Kroon, Jos Swanenberg

Sheng - Rise of a Kenyan Swahili Vernacular

Chege Githiora

IS THAT CLEAR? - Effective communication in a multilingual world

Zanne Gaynor, Kathryn Alevizos

Choosing a Mother Tongue - The Politics of Language and Identity in Ukraine

Corinne A. Seals

Voices of a City Market - An Ethnography

Dr. Adrian Blackledge, Dr. Angela Creese

Supporting Deaf Culture Whilst Looking for a Cure: Conflicting Responses to Deafness

R J Pigott

Language and Tourism in Postcolonial Settings

Angelika Mietzner, Anne Storch

Gender Neoliberalism and Distinction through Linguistic Capital - Taiwanese Narratives of Struggle and Strategy

Mark Fifer Seilhamer