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Expert Speaker - 5 Steps To Grow Your Business With Public Speaking

Majeed Mogharreban

I'm Right and You're an Idiot - The Toxic State of Public Discourse and How to Clean it Up

James Hoggan, Grania Litwin

The Tyranny of Public Discourse - Abraham Lincoln's Six-Element Antidote for Meaningful and Persuasive Writing

David Hirsh, Dan Van Haften

"Right Makes Might" - Proverbs and the American Worldview

Wolfgang Mieder

How to be Heard - Secrets for Powerful Speaking and Listening

Julian Treasure

The Book on Public Speaking

MOrrison Topher

ABCs of Speaking - Your Building Blocks to Speaking Success

Caterina Rando, Bret Ridgway, Adryenn Ashley

The Art of Public Speaking - How to Earn a Living Training and Speaking at Seminars

Anthony Ekanem

The big Leader Leadership Expert - Like Having a Winning Attitude? - Lead your life!


Learn to Speak in Public - Mastering Body Language - Impact the world!


Learn to speak in public - personal magnetism to grow your business - mastering body language (3 books) - Verbal management gold collection


Speechless - Speak With Style Books

Thomas Garcia, Matt Eventoff

How To Become An Influencer


The Art of Public Speaking

Dale Carnegie

Mark Twain’s Speeches

Jules Verne

Become a pro speaker - The techniques used by the world's greatest speakers

François Fleuve

Public Speaking - All the Necessary Tips to Nail It in Front of a Crowd

Martin Johnson

The World's Great Sermons - Volume I—Basil to Calvin

St Augustin, John Chrysostom, St. Basil of Caesarea, Grenville Kleiser

The World's Great Sermons - Volume Ii—Hooker To South

John Bunyan, John Howe, Richard Baxter, Louis Bourdaloue, Thomas Hooker, Jeremy Taylor, Jacques Bénigne Bossuet, John Tillotson, François Fenelon, Robert South, Grenville Kleiser

The World's Great Sermons - Volume III—Massillon to Mason

Grenville Kleiser

The World's Great Sermons - Volume IX—Cuyler to Van Dyke

Theodore Ledyard Cuyler, John A. Broadus, John Lancaster Spalding, Robert Stuart MacArthur, William Boyd Carpenter, Charles Henry Parkhurst, Francis Landey Patton, Henry Scott Holland, James Stalker, David James Burrell, Jon Watson, William Robertson Nicoll, Henry van Dyke

The World's Great Sermons - Volume VIII—Talmage to Knox Little

Thomas De Witt Talmage, Charles Spurgeon, Henry Codman Potter, Lyman Abbott, Phillips Brooks, Washington Gladden, John Clifford, D.L. Moody, Charles Henry Fowler, Alexander Whyte, William L. Watkinson, George C. Lorimer, William John Knox Little

The World's Great Sermons - Volume X—Drummond to Jowett

Henry Drummond, Charles Wagner, Charles Angier Gordon, William James Dawson, George Adam Smith, Frank Wakely Gunsaulus, Newell Dwight Hillis, Charles Edward Jefferson, G. Campbell Morgan, S. Parkes Cadman, John Henry Jowett

The World's Great Sermons - Volume VI—H W Beecher to Punshon

Charles Kingsley, Frederick William Robertson, Kleiser Grenville, John Caird, Henry Ward Beecher, Edwin Hubbell Chapin, Arthur Penrhyn Stanley, Charles John Vaughan, Christopher Newman Hall, Roswell Dwight Hitchcock, Richard Salter Storrs, William Morley Punshon

The World's Great Sermons - Volume VII—Halle toFarrar

Edward Everett Hale, William Magee, Joseph Seiss, Alexander Maclaren, Howard Crosby, Robert William Dale, Henry Liddon, William M. Taylor, John Hall, Leonard Woolsey Bacon, Alexander Mackenzie, Joseph Parker, Frederic Farrar

The World's Great Sermons - Volume II—Hooker to South

Thomas Hooker, Jeremy Taylor, Richard Baxter, Jacques Bénigne Bossuet, John Bunyan, John Tillotson, Louis Bourdaloue, John Howe, François Fenelon, Robert South

How To Become A Successful Public Speaker

Jeannine Hill

How to Become a Public Speaker - Showing the Best Manner of Arranging Thought so as to Gain Conciseness Ease and Fluency in Speech

William Pittenger

The Complete Speeches

Jules Verne

Become A Communication Master! - Or How To Talk To Anyone With Confidence And Ease

Yourself Believe In