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Sharing Writing Skills

Group Randwick Writers'

Writings on Writing

May Sarton

The Write Collection - A Collection of Compositions by Young Writers (Aged 6 to 12)

Ltd The Write Connection Pte

Write the Perfect Read - Make Readers Happy While Propelling Them to the Last Page

Kristin N. Spencer, Maria Mountokalaki

Strategic Series Author - Plan write and publish a series to maximize readership & income

Crystal Hunt

Scrappy Rough Draft - Use science to strategically motivate yourself & finish writing your book

Donna Barker

Build Better Characters - The psychology of backstory & how to use it in your writing to hook readers

Eileen Cook

Write On Sisters! - Voice Courage and Claiming Your Place at the Table

Brooke Warner

(Re)Writing the Script of Your Life - The TROONATNOOOR Guide to Writing for Film

Markus Heinrich Rehbach

Agatha's Last Supper - A dark comedy in two acts

Evi Tsaousaki

Finding True Connections - How to Learn and Write About a Family Member’s History

Gareth St John Thomas

The God Of Vanity

Dumbiri Frank Eboh

When An Eagle Turns To Vulture

Dumbiri Frank Eboh

There's No More Sky To Eat

Dumbiri Frank Eboh

The Feast Of Virginity

Dumbiri Frank Eboh

Victims - A Collection Of Poems On HIV AIDS

Dumbiri Frank Eboh

Dance Of The Forest

Dumbiri Frank Eboh

Can They Detain The Poem?

Dumbiri Frank Eboh

If The Sky Weeps

Dumbiri Frank Eboh

Creativity and Copyright - Legal Essentials for Screenwriters and Creative Artists

Howard Suber, John L. Geiger

Rewriting Indie Cinema - Improvisation Psychodrama and the Screenplay

J. J. Murphy

This Fiction Business

H. Bedford-Jones

How to Write a Book - A Guide to Nonfiction Writing

A. I. Abana

Dramatic Works

Zygmunt Krasiński

Four Plays - Mary Stuart Kordian Balladyna Horsztyński

Juliusz Słowacki

The Great Storm

Nwasolu Celestine Ikechukwu

The Sonnets - Including The Erotic Sonnets The Crimean Sonnets and Uncollected Sonnets

Adam Mickiewicz

#HTSP - How to Self-Publish

Eric Otis Simmons

Storytelling Alchemy - Write Your Own Happy Ending

Renée Damoiselle

Top 100 Resources for Writers - A Quick-Start Guide for Your Writing Career

Chelsea C. Moye