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An Introvert's Guide to World Domination - Become a High Level Networker and Upgrade Your Life

Nick Shelton

Law and Authors - A Legal Handbook for Writers

Jacqueline D. Lipton

Bilingual Parallel Spanish Reading on Five Topics

Listen Read Listen

Semicolon - The Past Present and Future of a Misunderstood Mark

Cecelia Watson

The Elements of Style

William Strunk Jr.

Modern Business English for Industrial Engineers - Praktisches Englisch für Wirtschaftsingenieure


Mistaketionary - how to avoid mistakes in English

Roman Thomas Sedlar

Body Language for Managers & Doers - Psychology & Rhetoric of Power Use Communication & Nonverbal Signals of the Body Effect Appearance Charisma thanks to perfect Gestures & Mimik

Simone Janson

Chinese Grammatology - Script Revolution and Literary Modernity 1916–1958

Yurou Zhong

THESAURUS for Students of Science - - The Concise English Thesaurus and Dictionary

Roman Thomas Sedlar

Easy Spanish Stories For Beginners - 5 Spanish Short Stories For Beginners (With Audio)


Meetings that gets Results - Plan & Moderate - Hold Visual Meetings with Creativity & Focus Conduct Discussions & Conferences Effectively & Efficiently Successfully Write Minutes

Simone Janson

English Pronunciation Intonation and Accent Reduction — For Russian Speakers

Peggy Tharpe

Body Language for Leaders - Use Rhetoric & Psychology Improve Gestures & Facial Expressions Control Non-Nerbal Communication & Physical Signals Learn Apperance Effect & Charisma

Simone Janson

Body Language & Secrets of Nonverbal Communication - Effect & Rhetoric Read & Understand People Correctly Interpret Gestures & Facial Expressions Recognize Lies & Manipulation like FBI Agents

Simone Janson

Become a pro speaker - The techniques used by the world's greatest speakers

François Fleuve

Newfoundland Slanguage

Mike Ellis

I Love My Dad (English Vietnamese Bilingual Book)

Shelley Admont, KidKiddos Books

Complete Guide to Pronunciation in Pinyin Volume I

Zhao Z.J.

Complete Guide to Pronunciation in Pinyin Volume II

Zhao Z.J.

Chinese Sayings for Practising Pinyin Pronunciations Volume II (H-S)

Zhao Z.J.

Chinese Sayings for Practising Pinyin Pronunciations Volume I (A-G)

Zhao Z.J.

Guide to Simple Chinese Characters with Similar Pinyin

Zhao Z.J.

Chinese Sayings for Practising Pinyin Pronunciations Volume III (T-Z)

Zhao Z.J.

Conversational French Dialogues - Over 100 French Conversations and Short Stories

Mastery Lingo

The Heart of the Humanities - Reading Writing Teaching

Mark Edmundson

How to Reason - A Practical Guide

Richard L. Epstein

101x Wrong Right - - for Learners of English

Roman Thomas Sedlar

Body Language - Read & Understand People - How to do profiling like FBI agents! Interpret Gestures Mimic & Nonverbal Signals Recognize Lies & Manipulation Control your Effect

Simone Janson

Championing Science - Communicating Your Ideas to Decision Makers

Roger D. Aines, Amy L. Aines