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Language as Hermeneutic - A Primer on the Word and Digitization

Walter J. Ong

Practical Korean - Speak Korean Quickly and Effortlessly (Revised with Audio Recordings & Dictionary)

Samuel E. Martin

A Classical Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue

Francis Grose

Language in the Digital Era Challenges and Perspectives

Daniel Dejica, Gyde Hansen, Peter Sandrini, Iulia Para

Easy Mandarin Chinese - Learn to Speak Mandarin Chinese Quickly! (Downloadable Audio Included)

Haohsiang Liao

Wheelock's Latin 7th Edition

Richard A. LaFleur, Frederic M. Wheelock

Chinese Character a Day Practice Pad Volume 1 - Simplified Character Edition

Philip Yungkin Lee

Business Phrases for Lawyers

Karin Ioannou-Naoum-Wokoun, Martin Helmuth Ruelling

Key Topics in Second Language Acquisition

Prof. Vivian Cook, Prof. David Singleton

Word Fugitives - In Pursuit of Wanted Words

Barbara Wallraff

Third Age Learners of Foreign Languages

Danuta Gabryś-Barker

Fast-Forwarding with Audiovisual Translation

Jorge Díaz Cintas, Kristijan Nikolić

Vietnamese Stories for Language Learners - Traditional Folktales in Vietnamese and English Text (Audio Download Included)

Tri C. Tran, Tram Le

Dialogues with Ethnography - Notes on Classics and How I Read Them

Dr. Jan Blommaert

The Social Origins of Language

Robert M. Seyfarth, Dorothy L. Cheney

Speech and Debate as Civic Education

J. Michael Hogan, Jessica A. Kurr, Michael J. Bergmaier, Jeremy D. Johnson

Basic Mandarin Chinese - Speaking & Listening Textbook - An Introduction to Spoken Mandarin for Beginners (Audio and Video Downloads Included)

Cornelius C. Kubler

Chinese Script - History Characters Calligraphy

Thomas O. Höllmann

Essential Mandarin Chinese Phrasebook & Dictionary - Speak Chinese with Confidence! (Mandarin Chinese Phrasebook & Dictionary)

Catherine Dai

Racial Worldmaking - The Power of Popular Fiction

Mark C. Jerng

Basic Mandarin Chinese - Speaking & Listening Practice Book - A Workbook for Beginning Learners of Spoken Chinese (Audio and Practice PDF downloads Included)

Cornelius C. Kubler, Yang Wang

Kenneth Burke + The Posthuman

Chris Mays, Nathaniel A. Rivers, Kellie Sharp-Hoskins

Bilingual Childcare - Hitches Hurdles and Hopes

Victoria Benz

Translating for the Community

Mustapha Taibi

Heritage and School Language Literacy Development in Migrant Children - Interdependence or Independence?

Raphael Berthele, Amelia Lambelet

Scripts of Servitude - Language Labor Migration and Transnational Domestic Work

Beatriz P. Lorente

Editing the Soul - Science and Fiction in the Genome Age

Everett Hamner

Basic Mandarin Chinese - Reading & Writing Practice Book - A Workbook for Beginning Learners of Written Chinese (Audio Download and Printable Flash Cards Included)

Cornelius C. Kubler, Jerling Guo Kubler

Museum Rhetoric - Building Civic Identity in National Spaces

George Sand

Sleight of Mouth - The Magic of Conversational Belief Change

Robert Dilts