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Frailty - A Screen Play

David P Taylor

Writing-Publishing Survival Guide

Robert C. Worstell

Writing Wild - Forming a Creative Partnership with Nature

Tina Welling

The Indian Queen - "We first make our habits and then our habits make us"

John Dryden, Sir Robert Howard

Mastering the Business of Writing - A Leading Literary Agent Reveals the Secrets of Success

Richard Curtis

Wyandot Folk-Lore

William Elsey Connelley

Alexander the Great - A Play

Ioannis E. M. Vassos

Marco Polo Didn't Go There - Stories and Revelations from One Decade as a Postmodern Travel Writer

Rolf Potts

Yiddish Wisdom - Humor and Heart from the Old Country

Christopher Silas Neal

Introducing Linguistics - A Graphic Guide

R. L. Trask

The Fly-Fisher's Companion - A Fundamental Guide to Tackle Casting Presentation Aquatic Insects and the Flies that Imitate Them

Darrel Martin

Holy Cow! - Doggerel Catnaps Scapegoats Foxtrots and Horse Feathers—Splendid Animal Words and Phrases

Boze Hadleigh

The Rover - Part I - or The Banish'd Cavaliers

Haggard H. Rider

The Complete Guide to Japanese Kanji - Remembering and Understanding the 2136 Standard Characters

Christopher Seely, Kenneth G. Henshall


Mardy Grothe

Titus Andronicus - "These words are razors to my wounded heart"

William Shakespeare

Uncle John's Facts to Go Mouthing Off

Bathroom Readers' Institute

Architecture of the Novel - A Writer's Handbook

Jane Vandenburgh

Emotional Structure - Creating the Story Beneath the Plot: A Guide for Screenwriters

Pete Dunne

Caesar and Cleopatra - "The more things a man is ashamed of the more respectable he is"

George Bernard Shaw

British English from A to Zed - A Definitive Guide to the Queen's English

Norman W. Schur

The Way of Story - The Craft & Soul of Writing

Catherine Ann Jones

Vera - or The Nihilists

Oscar Wilde

Chinese Proverbs and Popular Sayings - With Observations on Culture and Language

Larry Herzberg, Qin Xue Herzberg

How to Write and Sell Short Stories

Della Galton

The Language of the Heart - A Cultural History of the Recovery Movement from Alcoholics Anonymous to Oprah Winfrey

Trysh Travis

Beginning Japanese Workbook

Michael L. Kluemper, Lisa Berkson, Nathan Patton

The Rover - Part II - or The Banish'd Cavaliers

Haggard H. Rider

Dirty Yiddish - Everyday Slang from "What's Up?" to "F*%# Off!"

Adrienne Gusoff

Japanese Made Easy - Revised and Updated

Tazuko Ajiro Monane