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Biography & non-fiction prose

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50 Self-Help Classics to Guide You to Financial Freedom

Napoleon Hill

Classical Telugu Poetry

David Shulman

Friend - A Novel from North Korea

Paek Nam-nyong

Russia and the Media - The Makings of a New Cold War

Greg McLaughlin

The Bitcoin Saga - A Mixed Montage

Rachna Singh

Nano Housing - How a Small House Can Teach the World to Think BIG

Suresh Haware

The Bridal Party - Perfect for fans of Lucy Foley's The Guest List

J G Murray

Nordic Tales - Folktales from Norway Sweden Finland Iceland and Denmark

Books Chronicle

Swami Vivekananda: Complete Works

Swami Vivekananda

True Crime Stories - A Prequel: 4 Shocking True Crime Cases

Jack Rosewood

Think And Grow Rich

Napoleon Hill

Boys Will Be Boys

Clementine Ford

The View from the Cheap Seats - Selected Nonfiction

Neil Gaiman

Don Quixote

Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra

The Selected Letters of Laura Ingalls Wilder

William Anderson, Laura Ingalls Wilder

On Love

Charles Bukowski

Unbearable Splendor

Sun Yung Shin

On Writing

Charles Bukowski

Letters on Art and Literature

François Mauriac

Unpublished Letters

Friedrich Nietzsche

Mother's Day

Dennis McDougal

New Daughters of Africa - An International Anthology of Writing by Women of African Descent

Margaret Busby

On Democracy

E. B. White



The Castle of Truth and Other Revolutionary Tales

Hermynia Zur Mühlen

Woe from Wit - A Verse Comedy in Four Acts

Alexander Griboedov

After Callimachus - Poems

Stephanie Burt

Newsmakers - Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Journalism

Francesco Marconi

UP Reader -- Volume #4 - Bringing Upper Michigan Literature to the World

Mikel B. Classen

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