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A Big Favor


Three souls for a heart My polygamy

Guillermina Mekuy

Sita's Curse - The Language of Desire

Sreemoyee Piu Kundu

The Traveling Sex Game

Calvin Anthony Lang

The Sex Thief - Nil

Edwin Jones

The Thunder Girls

Melanie Blake

Nerd Barbie & The First Time


50 Tones of Red EROTIC - Romance drama sadomasochism and lots of sex!

Irinélia Oliveira


Irinélia Oliveira

150 men possessing me Erótico - Erotic!

Irinélia Oliveira

The Sweet mouth

Renata Del Anjo

Selected Novels - An Idol for Others The Quirk Now Let’s Talk About Music Perfect Freedom and The Great Urge Downward

Gordon Merrick

Gina in the Floating World - A Novel

Belle Brett

The Monk Who Became Chief Minister - The Definitive Biography Of Yogi Adityanath

Shantanu Gupta

Discipline Darkness and Disgrace - Ania's English Adventures

Ania P.

The Peter & Charlie Trilogy - The Lord Won't Mind One for the Gods and Forth into Light

Gordon Merrick

An Indecent Proposal - A sultry story of love and lust

Julia Rossa

Picture This

Tobsha Learner

The BDSM Confession - Diary of a Sinner

Tomicono Pani

Wait for Me - A dark addictive love story

Sara Tessa

Arcade - A Novel

Drew Nellins Smith

Surrendering To Strangers In Public - Book 4 of 'Powerful Men'

Daisy Rose

Surrendering to Strangers in Public - Book 4 of "Powerful Men"

Daisy Rose

Innocence Lost

Alex Barton

Breaking The Bride

Lillian Lee

Erica's Journey - Erica No2

E. Connally

The Offering

Elly Vee 88

Erica's Awakening - Erica No1

E. Connally

Aurora's Erotic Adventures

Alana Church

Aurora's Erotic Adventures - Book 0 of "The Lady of Summer"

Alana Church