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Three - by Invitation Only

Neale Sourna

The Complete Guide to Kama Sutra


A Big Favor



Torie Grace

The Girls Next Door

Tina Lima

Popping My Anal Cherry At 40!

Tori Westwood

Accidental Tryst

Mia London

Daddy's In My Holes #13 - 22 Steaming Hot Incest Stories

Samantha LaCroix

The Earl’s Mistress - A short read Historical Erotica Story

Jenna Mae

Make Her Scream - Erotic Fantasies That Satisfy Your Needs!

Bridgit Embers

Three souls for a heart My polygamy

Guillermina Mekuy

The Weekend - Weekend

Tina Lima

Meet Me at the Gates

Kelly Wyre

Mummy And Daddy And Their Schoolgirl Slut - Dirty Dangerous And Depraved

Scarlett Delage

Very bad dad

Scarlett Delage

The Invitation

Traci Pixton

Original Sin - A steamy older woman younger man sexy short read

Laya D'Pearce

House Mother Two - Experience

Amber Lloyd

Ride A Cowboy - Katie’s First Ménage

Carmen Webb

Pornoscopes: Quaternity - Erotic Comics for Astrology Lovers

Syn Root

Gentlemen Prefer Whores

Scarlett Delage

I Caught Him Sniffing My Panties - (Threesome Menage Older Men Younger Woman)

Kinsey Fox, Sex Stories

The Roses Bloom

Danielle Lisle

You are Mine - 3 Hot Stories

Tina Lima

Crucible of Cain

Torie Grace

Strangers On A Train - Schoolgirls Daddies And A Whole Lot More

Scarlett Delage

Dirty Deeds - Schoolgirls Daddies And A Whole Lot More

Scarlett Delage

Fifty Shades - A Shameless Dirty Desire

Samuel Warren

A Rough Ride - Hot Wife and the Cowboy

Carmen Webb

Our Little Secret #3 - 33 Taboo Stories

Roxi Harding