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Crime & Thriller

Political / legal thriller

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Blood Before Dawn

Daniel V. Jr. Meier

Where Darkness Resides

Daniel Maldonado

Snap Judgment - A twisting thriller you won't be able to put down

Richard T. Cahill

Flowers at Midnight

Nick Sweet

The Laughing Falcon

William Deverell


Jon Richter

Yesterday's Spy - A Novel

Tom Bradby

Daniel Mendoza Thrillers Collection - The Complete Legal Thriller Series

Daniel Maldonado

The Mendoza Memo

Daniel Maldonado

The Consequence of Choice

Natalie Sammons

The Sleepers

KM Kelly

The Sleep of Reason - A BRUTAL massacre A DEADLY plot A RACE against time

David Derbyshire, Mark Rowley

The Whistleblower Onslaught

David Warren

A Secret to Die For

David P. Warren

Alejandro's Lie

Bob Van Laerhoven

Personal Violation

David P. Warren

The Fleeing Felon

Daniel Maldonado

All-American Werewolf

Antonio Ricardo Scozze

May It Please The Court

Daniel Maldonado

Cashing In - The Corruption Kings

Jonathan D. Rosen

Sealing Fate

David P. Warren

Something Unfortunate

Mike Farris

A Man's Face

B. Roman

The Cartel Lawyer

Jonathan D. Rosen

W - A Novel

Igor Štiks

Eden Burning

Deirdre Quiery

Triple Cross

Tom Bradby


Terry Stafford

The Old Enemy - A Novel

Henry Porter

Combat for Custody

Paula Winchester Rank