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Crime & Thriller

Political / legal thriller

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Penitent - Longlisted for The McIlvanney Prize 2023

Mark Leggatt

Debt Bomb

Michael Ginsberg

Blood Before Dawn

Daniel V. Meier Jr.

Grey in the Dark

John Lincoln

The Taliban in Texas

John Maresca

Snap Judgment - A twisting thriller you won't be able to put down

Richard T. Cahill

The Elephant Conspiracy

Peter Hain

The Laughing Falcon

William Deverell


Joan Richter

Yesterday's Spy - A Novel

Tom Bradby

The Consequence of Choice

Natalie Sammons

The Sleepers

KM Kelly

The Sleep of Reason - a compelling thriller about toxic politics and the radicalisation of young men

David Derbyshire, Mark Rowley

To Become an Outlaw

Peter Murphy

Writ Reveal - A Clayton Haley Novel

Ethan T Burroughs

W - A Novel

Igor Štiks


Terry Stafford

The Old Enemy - A Novel

Henry Porter

Combat for Custody

Paula Winchester Rank

White Church Black Mountain - A Gripping Drama of Prejudice Corruption and Retribution

Thomas Paul Burgess

The Prague Ultimatum - A Gripping international Thriller

James Silvester

Escape to Perdition - A Gripping international Thriller

James Silvester

Sealed with a Death - A Gripping Crime Thriller

James Silvester

Blood White and Blue - A Gripping Crime Thriller

James Silvester

House Standoff

Mike Lawson

Deceptions - A Helena Marsh Novel

Anna Porter

Stung - An Arthur Beauchamp Novel

William Deverell

The Colour of Thunder - Intertwining paths and a hunt for truth in Hong Kong

Suzanne Harrison

Messianic Reveal

Ethan T Burroughs

Double Agent

Tom Bradby