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Crime & Thriller

Historical mysteries

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While The Emperor Slept

B.R. Stateham

Percy Crow

Daniel Kemp

Keepers of the Key #1: The Golden Key

Lene Dybdahl, Josefine Ahlberg

Death of a Young Lieutenant

B.R. Stateham

Death by Greek Fire

B.R. Stateham

Gallows End

Giles Ekins

Wicked Bleu

E. Denise Billups

Fenian Street - A Mystery

Anne Emery

A Carriage For Lochee

Malcolm Archibald

A Slave To Kings

Dodie Bishop

The Grave with Greener Grass

DL Havlin

Jake Conley Mysteries Collection - The Complete Series

John Broughton

Our Little Life

Dodie Bishop

The Drop

John Anthony Miller

Gold Envy

Rena Winters

Not a Pukka Gentleman

Malcolm Archibald

The Scuttlers

Malcolm Archibald

The Malvern Mystery

Helen Susan Swift

The Paletti Notebook

Dick Rosano

The Serpent Wand

John Broughton

The Secret of Altamura

Dick Rosano

Quest for Babylon's Soul - The Epic Search For The Gold Statue Of God Marduk

Sonador Snow


Giles Ekins


Brian L. Porter

The Desolate Garden

Daniel Kemp

Memory Of A Falcon

John Broughton

Behind Closed Doors

Brian L. Porter

The One That Got Away - John Surratt the conspirator in John Wilkes Booth's plot to assassinate President Lincoln

Diana Rubino

Lament for Darley Dene

Stuart G. Yates

Sharing Hamilton

Brian L. Porter, Diana Rubino