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Crime & Thriller

Historical mysteries

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Fenian Street - A Mystery

Anne Emery

The Grave with Greener Grass

DL Havlin

The Drop

John Anthony Miller

The Unknown Woman of the Seine - A Novel

Brooks Hansen

The Keening - A Mystery of Gaelic Ireland

Anne Emery

The Search for Artemis

Vanessa Gordon

The Truth-Seeker's Wife

Ann Granger

The Trial of Gwen Foley - A Completely Gripping Historical Mystery Drama

Jane O'Connor

Essential Novelists - Agatha Christie - The Mistress of Mystery

Agatha Christie

Lady Jail

John Farrow

The River Within

Karen Powell

Hell Gate

Jeff Dawson

Justice for Athena

J. M. Alvey

Scorpions in Corinth

J. M. Alvey

Shadows of Athens

J. M. Alvey

Postmark Berlin - A Mystery

Anne Emery

The Murder of Marion Miley

Beverly Bell

An Exhibition of Murder

Vivian Conroy

The Lodger - A Story of the London Fog

Marie Belloc Lowndes

The Triumphs of Eugene Valmont

Robert Barr

The Big Bow Mystery

Israel Zangwill

She Lover of Death

Boris Akunin

A Rare Interest In Corpses

Ann Granger

The Dead Woman of Deptford

Ann Granger

The Murderer's Apprentice

Ann Granger

A Particular Eye for Villainy

Ann Granger

A Better Quality of Murder

Ann Granger

The Testimony of the Hanged Man

Ann Granger

A Mortal Curiosity

Ann Granger

The Body Outside the Kremlin - A Novel

James L. May