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Obsessed - A gripping psychological thriller full of twists

Jane Heafield

The Plymouth Express Affair

Agatha Christie

Ask Natalie - A gripping psychological suspense full of mystery

Natasha Boydell

The Queen of Spades

Alexander Pushkin


Émile Zola

Who Has Buried the Dead? - From Stalin to Putin … The last great secret of World War Two

KGE Konkel

The Fixed Period

Anthony Trollope

Balkan-Express - A story about truth

Markus Posset, Quinton Aaron

The Dr Cathy Moreland Mysteries Boxset Books One to Seven - Death by Appointment Murder & Malpractice Deadly Diagnosis Shooting Pains Clinically Dead Lethal Resuscitation and The Vanishing Patient

Mairi Chong

A Voice in the Night

Sarah Hawthorn

Forgotten Dark

Louise Worthington

My Daddy The Serial Killer - A Psychological Thriller

Cindy Kovacik

Murders at the Montgomery Hall Hotel

Gina Kirkham

The Marquis of Carabas

Rafael Sabatini

Noonday Dark - the new gripping psychological mystery

Charles Demers

The Guy from Jamestown

G. Christopher Davies

Banking on Murder

J.D Whitelaw

The Cuckoo Wood

M. Sean Coleman

The Second Wife

NJ Moss

Far From the Tree

Rob Parker


Gillian Jackson

The Laguna Shores Research Club

Laura Kelly Robb

Fenian Street - A Mystery

Anne Emery

The Enemy Trilogy - Dance with the Enemy Rise of the Enemy and Hunt for the Enemy

Rob Sinclair

Cold Heart

Jane Heafield


Gillian Jackson

The Ryker Returns Thrillers Books One to Three - Renegade Assassins and Outsider

Rob Sinclair

Open Your Eyes

Heather J Fitt

The Misterious Affair of Styles

Agatha Christie

The Deception

Gillian Jackson