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Crime & Thriller

Historical mysteries

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The Unknown Woman of the Seine - A Novel

Brooks Hansen

The Keening - A Mystery of Gaelic Ireland

Anne Emery

The Search for Artemis

Vanessa Gordon

The Trial of Gwen Foley - A Completely Gripping Historical Mystery Drama

Jane O'Connor

The Suffragette's Daughter - A Gripping Historical Crime Mystery

Michelle Salter

Essential Novelists - Agatha Christie - The Mistress of Mystery

Agatha Christie

The River Within

Karen Powell

The Murder of Marion Miley

Beverly Bell

Postmark Berlin - A Mystery

Anne Emery

She Lover of Death

Boris Akunin

The Body Outside the Kremlin - A Novel

James L. May

The Knight of the Cart

Jay Ruud

The Sixth Conspirator - A Novel

Max Byrd

The Grave Digger's Boy - A Gripping Crime Mystery Full of Twists

R.R. Newman

Found Drowned

Laurie Glenn Norris

Though the Heavens Fall - A Collins-Burke Mystery

Anne Emery

Dr Jekyll & Mr Seek - The Strange Case Continues

Anthony O'Neill

The Second Rider

Alex Beer

Paris in the Dark

Robert Olen Butler

Nameless Serenade

Maurizio de Giovanni

The Moment Before Drowning - A Novel

James Brydon

A Necessary Murder

M.J. Tjia

Runner in Red

Tom Murphy

Walls of Silence - A Stunning Historical Thriller You Won't Be Able to Put Down

Ruth Wade

Found Drowned

BK Duncan

Pagan - A Novel

W. F. Morris

The Rose Quilt - A Steve Walsh Mystery

Mark Pasquini

Foul Trade - A Haunting Mystery that Will Keep You Hooked

BK Duncan

The Last Post

BK Duncan

The Bleak and Empty Sea

Jay Ruud