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Clinically Dead

Mairi Chong

The List

Florian Dennisson

Dance with the Enemy

Rob Sinclair

A Slice of Murder

Marissa De Luna

The Consequence of Choice

Natalie Sammons

The Good Life

Sarah K. Stephens

With Friends Like These

Keri Beevis

The Connection Trilogy - Blood Red Code Blue Mortal Green

Anita Waller

The Dark Flood

Deon Meyer

The Sleepers

KM Kelly

Fifty-Four Pigs - A Dr Bannerman Vet Mystery

Philipp Schott

The Sandringham Mystery

Christina James

The Dr Cathy Moreland Mysteries Books One to Three - Death by Appointment Murder & Malpractice Deadly Diagnosis

Mairi Chong

Shooting Pains

Mairi Chong

The Deception

Gillian Jackson

Girl in Bed Three

Sarah Sheridan

My Dead Husband

NJ Moss

Scars - An Unforgettable Psychological Thriller

Dan Scottow

The Stranger - Season 1

Claire S. Duffy

Devil's Play

Sarah Sheridan

Fallen Angel - A Novel

Tracy Borman

Blue Gold - A Gripping Thriller Full of Twists

David Barker

Blood White and Blue - A Gripping Crime Thriller

James Silvester

Girl A - An Unforgettable Psychological Thriller

Dan Scottow

Masque of Honor - A Historical Novel of the American South

Sharon Virts


MJ Preston


Thomas F. Monteleone

Damaged - A Heart-Stopping Psychological Thriller

Dan Scottow

Recall Zero (An Agent Zero Spy Thriller—Book #6)

Jack Mars

Almost Gone (The Au Pair—Book One)

Blake Pierce