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The Dublin Murder Mysteries Books One to Six - No Simple Death No Obvious Cause No Past Forgiven No Memory Lost No Easy Answer No Crime Forgotten

Valerie Keogh

Death by Appointment

Mairi Chong

The Marcus Kline Trilogy - Books One to Three

Chris Parker

The Mysterious Affair at Styles

Agatha Christie

The People Next Door

Keri Beevis

The Shadow People - The new spine-tingling novel from the master of horror

Graham Masterton

The Corpse in the Waxworks - A Paris Mystery

John Dickson Carr

The Secret Next Door - A Novel

Rebecca Taylor

Under an Outlaw Moon - A Novel

Dietrich Kalteis

The Keening - A Mystery of Gaelic Ireland

Anne Emery

True Crime Story - A Novel

Joseph Knox

A Murder Like No Author

Amy Lillard

The Return of Sherlock Holmes - Further Extraordinary Tales of the Famous Sleuth

Maxim Jakubowski

The Pharmacist

Gillian Jackson

What I Never Told You

Dawn Goodwin

The Midnight Child

J.A. Baker

The Rina Walker Series Books One to Four - Harm Threat Malice and Stealth

Hugh Fraser

The Trouble Boys

E.R. Fallon

The Rib from Which I Remake the World

Ed Kurtz

Masque of Honor - A Historical Novel of the American South

Sharon Virts

Into the Fire - The gripping new thriller from crime fiction bestseller

Rachael Blok

Kiss Me Kill Me

Louise Mullins

Target Zero (An Agent Zero Spy Thriller—Book #2)

Jack Mars

Under the Ice - The unputdownable thriller for Christmas 2019

Rachael Blok

The Monster Novels - Stinger The Wolf's Hour and Mine

Robert McCammon

The Trouble Trilogy Books One to Three - The Trouble Boys The Trouble Girls and The Trouble Legacy

E.R. Fallon, K.J. Fallon

Murder's a Swine - A Second World War Mystery

Nap Lombard


Rob Sinclair

Devil's Play

Sarah Sheridan

Code Blue

Anita Waller