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Crime & Thriller

Women sleuths

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A Murder Like No Author

Amy Lillard

What’s the Matter with Mary Jane? - An Epitome Apartments Mystery

Candas Jane Dorsey

The Enemy You Gnocchi

Catherine Burns

The Stitcher and the Mute

D.K. Fields

Widow's Welcome

D.K. Fields

The Devil's Line

Marrisse Whittaker

The Truth You’re Told - A Crime Novel

Michael J. Clark

Shattered Bones

Kate Bendelow

The Tormented

Sarah Sheridan

An Image in the Lake - A Joanne Kilbourn Mystery

Gail Bowen

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Gina Kirkham

The Constable Mavis Upton Adventures Books One to Three - Handcuffs Truncheon and a Polyester Thong; Whiskey Tango Foxtrot; and Blues Twos and Baby Shoes

Gina Kirkham

Handcuffs Truncheon and a Polyester Thong

Gina Kirkham

Blues Twos and Baby Shoes

Gina Kirkham

Rabbit Hole - A Novel of Suspense

Mark Billingham

The Murderous Affair at Stone Manor - A Completely Gripping Cozy Murder Mystery

Laura Stewart

British Girl Found Dead - The Ultimate Gripping Summer Mystery

Rowland Stone

The Trial of Gwen Foley - A Completely Gripping Historical Mystery Drama

Jane O'Connor

The Wonder Test - A Novel

Michelle Richmond

Murder on the Beach - A Gripping Murder Mystery

Daisy White

The Secrets We Bury - A Heart-Stopping Psychological Thriller

Mary Bush

A Text Before Dying - A Completely Gripping Psychological Suspense

McGarvey Black

Definitely Dead - A Gripping Thriller

Kate Bendelow

The Magpie - The Gripping Thriller everyone Is Talking About

Marrisse Whittaker

Every Little Breath - A Tense Psychological Thriller Full of Twists

Keri Beevis

Malice - An Absolutely Gripping Crime Thriller

Hugh Fraser

Harm - An Absolutely Gripping Crime Thriller

Hugh Fraser

Death Unmasked

Karen Neary Smithson

Scare Me to Death - A Spell-Binding Edge-of-Your-Seat Thriller

CJ Carver

Nine Lives - A Gripping Mystery Thriller Full of Twists

Anita Waller