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Crime & Thriller

Political / legal thriller

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The Old Enemy - A Novel

Henry Porter

House Standoff

Mike Lawson

Stung - An Arthur Beauchamp Novel

William Deverell

Messianic Reveal

Ethan T. Burroughs

Double Agent

Tom Bradby

Edward Abbey Bestsellers - Fire on the Mountain The Monkey Wrench Gang Hayduke Lives!

Edward Abbey

Margaret Truman Thrillers - Murder in the Supreme Court Murder on Embassy Row Murder at the FBI

Margaret Truman

House Privilege

Mike Lawson

Clean Hands - A Novel

Patrick Hoffman

The Russian Operation

John J. Maresca

Throw Me to the Wolves

Patrick McGuinness

The Sin Eater

Jack Maro

Children of the Uprising Collection Books 1–3

Megan Lynch

Secret Service

Tom Bradby

The Measure of a Man - A Leonardo da Vinci Novel

Marco Malvaldi

Sea of Bones

Deborah O'Donoghue

Enemy of the People

Peter Eichstaedt

Murder in Georgetown

Margaret Truman

The Flaming Sword - A Novel of the End

Breck England

Indicted - A Thriller

Tom Saric

House Arrest

Mike Lawson

The Secret War Trilogy - Early One Morning The Blue Noon and Night Crossing

Robert Ryan

Though the Heavens Fall - A Collins-Burke Mystery

Anne Emery

Executive Force

Gary Grossman

Against the Law

Jay Brandon

No Man Dies Twice

Michael Smith

Jack & Coke - A Novel

Jimmy Haight

House Witness

Mike Lawson

Melia Ridge

William Florence

They are Trying to Break Your Heart

David Savill