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Crime & Thriller

Historical mysteries

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The Case of the Wandering Scholar

Kate Saunders

The Man That Got Away - A Times Crime Novel of the Year for fans of The Thursday Murder Club

Lynne Truss

The Murder of Marion Miley

Beverly Bell

The Road to Grantchester

James Runcie

The Backward Boy

Kenneth Cameron

She Lover of Death

Boris Akunin

7 to 12 - A Detective Story

Anna Katharine Green

The Body Outside the Kremlin - A Novel

James L. May

A Shot in the Dark - A Constable Twitten Mystery

Lynne Truss

The Knight of the Cart

Jay Ruud

The Haunted Martyr

Kenneth Cameron

Found Drowned

Laurie Glenn Norris

Half Moon Street

Alex Reeve

The Second Woman

Kenneth Cameron

The Book of Extraordinary Historical Mystery Stories - Best New Original Mysteries

Maxim Jakubowski

Memento Mori - A Crime Novel of the Roman Empire

Ruth Downie

Though the Heavens Fall - A Collins-Burke Mystery

Anne Emery

The Second Rider

Alex Beer

Paris in the Dark

Robert Olen Butler

Nameless Serenade

Maurizio de Giovanni

A Masterpiece of Corruption

L.C. Tyler

The Moment Before Drowning - A Novel

James Brydon

A Necessary Murder

M. J. Tjia

The Frightened Man

Kenneth Cameron

The Bohemian Girl

Kenneth Cameron

Sidney Chambers and The Persistence of Love - Grantchester Mysteries 6

James Runcie

Runner in Red

Tom Murphy

No Man Dies Twice

Michael Smith

Pagan - A Novel

W. F. Morris

The Rose Quilt - A Steve Walsh Mystery

Mark Pasquini