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Historical mysteries

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Paul Waters

The Body in the Billiard Room

H. R. F. Keating

The Sheriff of Bombay

H. R. F. Keating

Daughters of Darkness

Sally Spencer

A Choir of Crows

Candace Robb

The Phoenix of Florence - Mystery and murder in medieval Italy

Philip Kazan

Molten City

Chris Nickson

Hour of the Fox

Cassandra Clark

The Malykant Mysteries - Complete Series

Charlotte E. English

Inspector Ghote Caught in Meshes

H. R. F. Keating

Dark Queen Waiting

Paul Doherty

A Sanctuary of Spirits

Leanna Renee Hieber

The Black Earth - A poignant story of wartime love and loss

Philip Kazan

Blood On The Stone

Jake Lynch

Sarah's List

Elizabeth Gunn

Go West Inspector Ghote

H. R. F. Keating

Mr Campion's Seance

Mike Ripley

Inspector Ghote Draws a Line

H. R. F. Keating

The Music Box Enigma

R. N. Morris

The Road to Grantchester

James Runcie

Bats Fly Up for Inspector Ghote

H. R. F. Keating

Filmi Filmi Inspector Ghote

H. R. F. Keating


M.J. Trow

Death of a Prominent Citizen

Cora Harrison

The Dower House Mystery

Alanna Knight

The King's Beast - A Mystery of the American Revolution

Eliot Pattison

Inspector Ghote Goes by Train

H. R. F. Keating

Inspector Ghote Plays a Joker

H. R. F. Keating

Indigo Ghosts

Alys Clare

Doom List

Gerard O'Donovan