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Elevator Pitch - A Novel

Linwood Barclay

Red Death

Alan Jacobson

Do Her No Harm - a page turning and gripping psychological thriller

Naomi Joy

Murder Most Puzzling - Twenty Mysterious Cases to Solve

Stephanie von Reiswitz


Michael Mammay

Cold Storage - A Novel

David Koepp

Spiteful Bones

Jeri Westerson

Tangled Lives - A gripping new gangland crime novel

Stephanie Harte

The Divers' Game - A Novel

Jesse Ball

The Nanny - A Novel

Gilly Macmillan

Blood Cold - A Chris Black Adventure

James Lindholm

The Man Who Wouldn't Die - A Novel

A. B. Jewell

All Out War - A Novel

Sean Parnell

The Glass Woman - A Novel

Caroline Lea

The Chestnut Man - A Novel

Soren Sveistrup

The Perfect Fraud - A Novel

Ellen LaCorte

Demise - A Novel of Race Culture Wars and Falling Darkness

John M. Del Vecchio

The Cyclist

Tim Sullivan

Deadly Science

Ken Brigham

The Moving Blade

Michael Pronko

The Cutting Room - A Novel

Ashley Dyer

I Know You

Louise Mullins


Andrew Mackay

Tiger and the Robot - Saga the AI detective hlps search for a glamorous bilionaire kidnapped at the Swifsure Yacht Race

Grahame Shannon

The Life and Deaths of Blanche Nero

Ken Brigham

Resistance Women - A Novel

Jennifer Chiaverini

Kill It All Away

Rolly Bastard

Scot on the Rocks

Catriona McPherson

Dead on Time

H. R. F. Keating