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Crime & Thriller

Political / legal thriller

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Secret Service

Tom Bradby


Arthur Hailey

The Evening News

Arthur Hailey

Rivers of Blood

Stephen Bentley

The Sin Eater

Jack Maro

The Fury of the Tsar – Bonfire

David Autere

When the Time Comes

Adele O'Neill

Max O'Brien Mysteries 3-Book Bundle - The Kashmir Trap The Roma Plot The Tanzania Conspiracy

Mario Bolduc

Deep Six

Debbi Mack

Murder in Georgetown

Margaret Truman

Steinopoly - Inspired by the events of the Steinhoff corporate crash

Jordan Hilligenn

Overhead assets

Nelson R. Gomm

The Inglorious Arts - An Alec Brno Novel

Alan Hruska

9th of August

Andre Yeo

From The Shadows - An addictive completely gripping crime thriller

Neil White

Three Metal Pellets

M.J. Simms-Maddox

Though the Heavens Fall - A Collins-Burke Mystery

Anne Emery

The Tanzania Conspiracy - A Max O'Brien Mystery

Mario Bolduc

A Foreign Affairs Mystery 3-Book Bundle - Escape to Havana The Moscow Code Remember Tokyo

Nick Wilkshire

Remember Tokyo - A Foreign Affairs Mystery

Nick Wilkshire

Executive Force

Gary Grossman

Offensive Charge

Stephanie Hartung


Rick Pullen

Price of Duty - A Novel

Dale Brown

The Traitor's Niche - A Novel

Ismail Kadare

Against the Law - A courtroom drama

Jay Brandon

Man on Ice - Russia vs the USA - in Alaska

Humphrey Hawksley

Son of Influence

Erik Lewin

House Witness

Mike Lawson

The Outer Circle

Ian Ridley