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Historical mysteries

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Molten City

Chris Nickson

Death of a Prominent Citizen

Cora Harrison

The Phoenix of Florence - Mystery and murder in medieval Italy

Philip Kazan

The Malykant Mysteries - Complete Series

Charlotte E. English

The Good Wife

Jane A. Adams

A Sanctuary of Spirits

Leanna Renee Hieber

Murder Served Cold

Eric Brown

Murder Takes a Turn - A British country house mystery

Eric Brown

A Pattern of Lies - A Bess Crawford Mystery

Charles Todd

Thaddeus Lewis Mysteries 5-Book Bundle - On the Head of a Pin Sowing Poison 47 Sorrows The Burying Ground Wishful Seeing

Janet Kellough

The Road to Grantchester

James Runcie

The Hour of the Fox

Cassandra Clark

The Doom List

Gerard O'Donovan

The Indigo Ghosts

Alys Clare

She Lover of Death

Boris Akunin

In the Company of Fools

Tania Bayard

The Mathematical Bridge - A Cambridge Wartime Mystery

Jim Kelly

The Black Ascot

Charles Todd

Death and the Chevalier

Robin Blake

Sword of Shadows

Jeri Westerson

Murder at the British Museum - London's famous museum holds a deadly secret…

Jim Eldridge

A Circle of Dead Girls

Eleanor Kuhns

A Shadowed Fate

Marty Ambrose

The Parchment Notebook

Jo Chumas

Blood in Eden

Peter Tremayne

A Dangerous Duet - A Novel

Karen Odden

A Shot in the Dark - A Constable Twitten Mystery

Lynne Truss

Script for Scandal

Renee Patrick

Winter of Despair

Cora Harrison

Points of Danger

Edward Marston