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Crime & Thriller

Classic crime fiction

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Cape Diamond - A Frank Yakabuski Mystery

Ron Corbett

Though the Heavens Fall - A Collins-Burke Mystery

Anne Emery

A Brush with Death

Ali Carter

Classic Tales of Detection & Adventure

Edgar Allan Poe

Study in Gold A - A contemporary British mystery set in Oxford

Annie Dalton


Margaret Duffy

Missing Masterpiece The

Jeanne M. Dams

Crang Mysteries 6-Book Bundle - Crang Plays the Ace Straight No Chaser Riviera Blues and 3 more

Jack Batten

The Dillon Place Mystery – A Sherlock Holmes Investigation

George Morrison

Riviera Blues - A Crang Mystery

Jack Batten

Lament for Bonnie - A Collins-Burke Mystery

Anne Emery

Keeper of the Flame - A Crang Mystery

Jack Batten

Skeleton Blues - A dystopian thriller set in Edinburgh

Paul Johnston

Cold Girl - A BC Blues Crime Novel

R.M. Greenaway

Favourite Sherlock Holmes Stories

Arthur Conan Doyle

Children of the Tide - A Victorian Detective Story

Jon Redfern

The Snow Killer - The start of an explosive new crime series for 2020

Ross Greenwood

Dead Weight - A Johnny Liddell Mystery

Frank Kane

Cop Killer

James Holding

Tough Cop - A Johnny Devereaux Mystery

John Roeburt

A House in Naples

Peter Rabe

Payback - A gritty addictive thriller that will have you hooked in 2020

Gemma Rogers

The Keeper - A gripping psychological crime series for 2020

Diane Saxon

Stalker - A gritty thriller that will have you hooked

Gemma Rogers


Gil Brewer

Bad Word

David Alexander

Doctor Quartz the Second (Nick Carter #787)

Nicholas Carter

Dead Weight

Frank Kane

Malcolm Sage Detective

Herbert Jenkins

Smelling Like a Rose

Gil Brewer