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Blood Angel

Bernard Schaffer

What You Don't See

Tracy Clark

Shattered - A Drew Patrick Crime Thriller Novel

Jason Richards

The Confessions of Frannie Langton - A Novel

Sara Collins

Chasing Shadows - A Drew Patrick Crime Thriller Novel

Jason Richards

Deception - A Drew Patrick Crime Thriller Novel

Jason Richards


Thomas H. Carry

Size Zero

Abigail Mangin

Resistance Women - A Novel

Jennifer Chiaverini

Not Bad People - A Novel

Brandy Scott

The Faking of the President - Nineteen Stories of White House Noir

Peter Carlaftes

Dead and Gone

Sherryl Clark

Borrowed Time

David Mark

Bats Fly Up for Inspector Ghote

H. R. F. Keating

The Hawaladar

David A. Stearns

Killing Beauties

Pete Langman

Death of a Prominent Citizen

Cora Harrison

Molten City

Chris Nickson


Thomas Moore

Damaged Goods

Debbi Mack

Young Blood

Tricia Fields

Collusion - A Novel

Newt Gingrich, Pete Earley

Obsession - A Crime Of The Heart

Robin Storey

The Malykant Mysteries - Complete Series

Charlotte E. English

Cat Chase the Moon - A Joe Grey Mystery

Shirley Rousseau Murphy

The Bridal Party - Perfect for fans of Lucy Foley's The Guest List

J G Murray

Fall Down Dead - A Cooper & Fry Mystery

Stephen Booth

The Phoenix of Florence - Mystery and murder in medieval Italy

Philip Kazan

All His Pretty Girls - An absolutely gripping detective novel with a jaw-dropping killer twist

Charly Cox

Inspector Ghote Plays a Joker

H. R. F. Keating