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Crime & Thriller

Historical mysteries

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Dead End

Sally Spencer

The Woman Who Spoke to Spirits

Alys Clare

A Conspiracy of Wolves

Candace Robb

Traitor's Codex

Jeri Westerson

Bone Rattler - Duncan McCallum #1

Eliot Pattison

Blood of the Oak - Duncan McCallum #4

Eliot Pattison

Eye of the Raven - Duncan McCallum #2

Eliot Pattison

Original Death - Duncan McCallum #3

Eliot Pattison

Savage Liberty - A Mystery of Revolutionary America

Eliot Pattison

Devil's Cup The - A Medieval mystery

Alys Clare

The Bone Jar - An Owen Archer Story

Candace Robb

Shadowed Evil A - A Medieval Mystery

Alys Clare

The Apothecary Rose - The Owen Archer Series - Book One

Candace Robb

Morbus Dei: The Arrival - Novel

Bastian Zach, Matthias Bauer

Morbus Dei: The Arrival - Novel

Bastian Zach, Matthias Bauer

Murder at Whitby Abbey

Cassandra Clark

Father Sweet

J.J. Martin

A Prisoner of Privilege

Rosemary Rowe

The Clockmaker

Jane A. Adams

The Good Cop

Peter Steiner

Fugitive From The Grave

Edward Marston

A Web of Silk

Fiona Buckley

Simply Dead

Eleanor Kuhns

The White Feather Killer

R. N. Morris

A Willful Grievance - A Lillie Mead Historical Mystery

Lisa Zumpano

Louise's Crossing

Sarah R. Shaber

Watchers of the Dead

Simon Beaufort

The Leaden Heart

Chris Nickson

Black Death

M.J. Trow

Season of Darkness

Cora Harrison