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Vegetarian cookery

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Food as Medicine - 150 Plant-Based Recipes for Optimal Health Disease Prevention and Management of Chronic Illness

Sue Radd

Sustainable Kitchen

Heather Wolfe, Jaynie McCloskey

Eat for the Planet Cookbook - 75 Recipes from Leaders of the Plant-Based Movement That Will Help Save the World

Gene Stone, Nil Zacharias

Mini Rice Cooker Cookbook

Lynda Balslev

The Modern Cook's Year - More than 250 Vibrant Vegetarian Recipes to See You Through the Seasons

Anna Jones

Cravings Made Vegan - 50 Plant-Based Recipes for Your Comfort Food Favorites

Bianca Haun, Sascha Naderer

Vegan Bible

Marie Laforêt

Living Crazy Healthy - Plant-Based Recipes

Jennifer Rose Rossano

Real Food Really Fast - Delicious Plant-Based Recipes Ready in 10 Minutes or Less

Hannah Kaminsky

A Beautiful Mess Weekday Weekend

Emma Chapman, Elsie Larson

Eat to Prevent and Control Disease Cookbook - 70+ Delicious Indian Vegetarian Recipes for Healthy Living with Dedicated Recipes for Diabetes Hypertension and Arthritis

La Fonceur

Plant Based Diet 2022 Cookbook - The Beginners Guide to Healthy and Permanent Weight Loss with Quick and Easy Recipes

Elliot Mildred M.

Easy Vegetarian Recipes With Variations

Claris Kluivert

Vegetarianism's Advantages

J. Steele

Vegetarian Cooking

Various Authors

A Friend in the Kitchen; Or What to Cook and How to Cook It

Anna L. Colcord

Step-By-Step Beginners Instant Pot Cookbook (Vegan) - 100+ Easy Yet Extremely Healthy Instant Pot Recipes Backed By Ayurveda

Rohit Sahu

Vegan Diet - Cookbook

Giuseppina Marzo

Plant Based Diet for Diabetics - A Beginner’s 3-Week Step-by-Step Guide to Managing Diabetes With Recipes and a Meal Plan

Brandon Gilta

Vegan Paleo Diet - 90+ Quick-Fix Recipes For Hormone Balancing And Diabetes Reversing

Amy Ramos

67+ Low Carb Diet CookBook: - The Complete Ketogenic Diets For Healthy Family

Amy Ramos

The Paleo Diet: - 80+ Traditional Keto Diets And Evergreen 7-days Super Plans to Reverse Diabetes and Boost Family Health

Amy Ramos

The Weight Loss Detoxers Cookbook: - 115+ Traditional Weight Loss Diets For Beginners Boost Immune Destroy Obesity and Enhance Energy

Amy Ramos

Summary of The Pegan Diet - by Mark Hyman - 21 Practical Principles for Reclaiming Your Health in a Nutritionally Confusing World - A Comprehensive Summary

Alexander Cooper

Ayurveda Cookbook For Beginners: Kapha - A Sattvic Ayurvedic Cookbook Backed by the Timeless Wisdom of Indian Heritage to Balance and Heal Your Kapha Dosha!!

Rohit Sahu

Ayurveda Cookbook For Beginners Pitta - A Sattvic Ayurvedic Cookbook Backed by the Timeless Wisdom of Indian Heritage to Balance and Heal Your Pitta Dosha!!

Rohit Sahu

Ayurveda Cookbook For Beginners: Vata - A Sattvic Ayurvedic Cookbook Backed by the Timeless Wisdom of Indian Heritage to Balance and Heal Your Vata Dosha!!

Rohit Sahu

Vegan Cookbook for Female Athletes - A Beginner’s Guide to Veganism and Curated Collection of 20 Plant-Based Recipes To Increase Performance

Larry Jamesonn

Raw Veganism Diet - A Women’s 4-Week Step-by-Step Guide with Recipes and a 7-Day Meal Plan

Bruce Ackerberg

Sweet Vegetarian Recipes to Try - The Tastiest Greens That Will Make You Scream

Ida Smith