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Vegetarian cookery

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River Cottage Much More Veg - 175 vegan recipes for simple fresh and flavourful meals

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

The Contented Vegan - Recipes and Philosophy from a Family Kitchen

Peggy Brusseau

Vegetarian Meals in 30 Minutes - More than 100 delicious recipes for fitness

Anita Bean

Sustainable Kitchen

Heather Wolfe, Jaynie McCloskey

Japan: The World Vegetarian

Reiko Hashimoto

India: The World Vegetarian

Roopa Gulati

Eat for the Planet Cookbook - 75 Recipes from Leaders of the Plant-Based Movement That Will Help Save the World

Gene Stone, Nil Zacharias

Rebel Recipes - Maximum flavour minimum fuss: the ultimate in vegan food

Niki Webster

Detox Kitchen Vegetables

Lily Simpson

Mini Rice Cooker Cookbook

Lynda Balslev

Tom Kerridge's Fresh Start - Eat well every day with all the recipes from Tom’s BBC TV series and more

Tom Kerridge

Vegan Bible

Marie Laforêt

Living Crazy Healthy - Plant-Based Recipes

Jennifer Rose Rossano

On the Side - A sourcebook of inspiring side dishes

Ed Smith

The Vegetarian Athlete's Cookbook - More Than 100 Delicious Recipes for Active Living

Anita Bean

A Beautiful Mess Weekday Weekend

Emma Chapman, Elsie Larson

Plant Powered Cooking - 52 Inspired Ideas for Growing and Cooking Yummy Good Food

Alice Alvrez

Vegetables on Fire - 50 Vegetable-Centered Meals from the Grill

Brooke Lewy

Vegetarian Heartland - Recipes for Life's Adventures

Shelly Westerhausen

Good Clean Food - Super Simple Plant-Based Recipes for Every Day

Lily Kunin

Step-By-Step Beginners Instant Pot Cookbook (Vegan) - 100+ Easy Yet Extremely Healthy Instant Pot Recipes Backed By Ayurveda

Rohit Sahu

Vegan Diet - Cookbook

Giuseppina Marzo

Plant Based Diet for Diabetics - A Beginner’s 3-Week Step-by-Step Guide to Managing Diabetes With Recipes and a Meal Plan

Brandon Gilta

The Weight Loss Detoxers Cookbook: - 115+ Traditional Weight Loss Diets For Beginners Boost Immune Destroy Obesity and Enhance Energy

Amy Ramos

Vegan Paleo Diet - 90+ Quick-Fix Recipes For Hormone Balancing And Diabetes Reversing

Amy Ramos

The Paleo Diet: - 80+ Traditional Keto Diets And Evergreen 7-days Super Plans to Reverse Diabetes and Boost Family Health

Amy Ramos

67+ Low Carb Diet CookBook: - The Complete Ketogenic Diets For Healthy Family

Amy Ramos

Summary of The Pegan Diet - by Mark Hyman - 21 Practical Principles for Reclaiming Your Health in a Nutritionally Confusing World - A Comprehensive Summary

Alexander Cooper

Ayurveda Cookbook For Beginners: Kapha - A Sattvic Ayurvedic Cookbook Backed by the Timeless Wisdom of Indian Heritage to Balance and Heal Your Kapha Dosha!!

Rohit Sahu

Ayurveda Cookbook For Beginners Pitta - A Sattvic Ayurvedic Cookbook Backed by the Timeless Wisdom of Indian Heritage to Balance and Heal Your Pitta Dosha!!

Rohit Sahu