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The 14th Storm - in 2043 the climate has finally changed

Daniel J Mooney

Malay Sketches

Alfian Sa'at

When A Flower Dies

Josephine Chia

The Gods Will Hear Us Eventually

Jinny Koh

Mason’s Jar - A Novel

John Jantunen

Air-Conditioned Nation Revisited: Essays on Singapore Politics

Cherian George

Cuckoo in the Nest - as featured on BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour

Fran Hill

Sunsetter - A Novel

Curtis LeBlanc

The Marigold

Andrew F. Sullivan

The Laughing Falcon

William Deverell

In for a Dime - A Novel

John Jantunen

Help! I’m Alive - A Novel

Gurjinder Basran

The Bones of Barry Knight - longlisted for the Dublin Literary Award

Emma Musty

Cracked Pots - A Novel

Heather Tucker

The Exile and the Mapmaker - an illegal immigrant in Paris begins working for an elderly Frenchman will he turn him in?

Emma Musty

Stung - An Arthur Beauchamp Novel

William Deverell

Helen and the Grandbees - What should a grandmother do when her GRANDCHILDREN are in an ABUSIVE household??

Alex Morrall

2am Thoughts - Poetry that condenses an entire relationship into a single day

Makenzie Campbell