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A Prologue to Love - A Novel

Taylor Caldwell

All Things Seen and Unseen - A Novel

RJ McDaniel

The Almost Truth - an extraordinary novel based on real events

Anne Hamilton

The Lady with the Dark Hair - A Novel

Erin Bartels

A Girl’s Own War

K. J. Kelly

Daddy Issues

Dino Pešut

The Girl Who Could Breathe Under Water - A Novel

Erin Bartels

Time Squared - A Novel

Lesley Krueger

I Gracie

Sharon Sala

Eton Rogue - ‘A delicious tale in which class politics and a toxic press all jostle for our horrified attention’ The Wall Street Journal

William Coles

The Late Clara Beame - A Novel

Taylor Caldwell

Grey Dog

Elliott Gish

What’s Not Mine - A Novel

Nora Decter

In Sickness and In Health - ‘A masterful thriller’ Style Magazine

Fiona Sussman

Where the Flowers Bloomed

Tim Swink

Once a Homecoming Queen

Jan Moran

The Divine Proverb of Streusel - A Novel

Sara Brunsvold


Tamika Christy


Gerald Murnane


Michele Mari

Hard Times (Legend Classics)

Charles Dickens

The blue mask

Joel Lane

A Week on Mount Olympus - and other Tales from the Bench

Peter Murphy

Twenty Years After

Alexandre Dumas

Paradise Undone - A Novel Of Jonestown

Annie Dawid

Getting by in Tligolian

Roppotucha Greenberg

The Naming of Moths

Tracy Fells

Checkerboard Hill

Jade Kake

Open Strings

Gordon Simms

Natasha [Redacted]

Andrew Dutton