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The Affair - An absorbing psychological thriller that will keep you guessing

N.A. Cooper

A Fear of Dark Places

John Harkin

The Fire Starter

Jess Parker

Berry Infusion And Lots Of Confusion

Laura Greenwood


Faïza Guène

My Margaret Your Toshie

Keith Adamson

In the Shadows - the CHILLING CHASE between a female detective and a HIDDEN SHOOTER that WILL KEEP YOU UP AT NIGHT

Jane Isaac

S6 - An RB McGehee Scoop

TS Westbrook

Six Ostriches - A Dr Bannerman Vet Mystery

Philipp Schott


Katherine O'Donnell

A River of Crows

Shanessa Gluhm

Magismondo #1: The Prisoner from Wolverfield

Lene Dybdahl

Obsession - An unmissable psychological thriller

Rob Sinclair

Guidance to Death

Daniel V. Meier Jr.

Hitting the Jackpot - A brilliantly funny comedy perfect for fans of Nick Hornby

Tom Alan

Death's Pale Flag

Gary Simonds

Dorothy - And Other Italian Stories

Constance Fenimore Woolson

Blood Before Dawn

Daniel V. Meier Jr.

The Profile Picture

Christine Ward

The Midwife's Touch

Sue Harrison

Obsessed - A gripping psychological thriller full of twists

Jane Heafield

The Arrow Garden

Andrew J King

Written in the Stars - A Charity Anthology

Angela Marsons, Rob Sinclair, Joy Ellis, Patricia Dixon, D. S. Butler, Keri Beevis, Emma Tallon, Louise Beech, A. A. Abbott, Alex Walters, Helen Walters, Caron McKinlay, Jen Faulkner, Marrisse Whittaker, Valerie Keogh, Beverley Harvey, John Harkin, Laura Stewart, Natasha Boydell, Diane Saxon, Eva Jordan, Stephen Edger, Gina Kirkham, Lily Duncan

Cold Kiss

Rachel Caine

The Undead

Rachel Caine

My Daddy The Serial Killer - A Psychological Thriller

Cindy Kovacik

The Exiles

Vivian Stuart

Terminal Zones

Gareth E. Rees

As Little As Nothing - A Novel

Pamela Mulloy


Davey Davies