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White Fang

Jack London

The Adam Black Thrillers Books One to Five - Unleashed Violation Venomous Fury and Finale

Karl Hill

As Little As Nothing - A Novel

Pamela Mulloy

The Newcomers

Vivian Stuart

The Warriors

Vivian Stuart

The Adventurers

Vivian Stuart

Who Has Buried the Dead? - From Stalin to Putin … The last great secret of World War Two

KGE Konkel

The Exploits of Brigadier Gerard

Arthur Conan Doyle

The Travellers

Vivian Stuart

The Guy from Jamestown

G. Christopher Davies

The Marquis of Carabas

Rafael Sabatini

Hunter Quatermain's Story

H. Rider Haggard

The Virgin of the Sun

H. Rider Haggard

The Adventures of Captain Hatteras

Jules Verne

The Explorers

Vivian Stuart


Rob Sinclair

The Rebels

Vivian Stuart

To Kill the Leopard

Theodore Taylor

The Enemy Trilogy - Dance with the Enemy Rise of the Enemy and Hunt for the Enemy

Rob Sinclair

The Traitors

Vivian Stuart

Hunt for the Enemy

Rob Sinclair

Rise of the Enemy

Rob Sinclair

Her Private War

David Laws

Clockwork Destiny

Kevin J Anderson, Neil Peart


Karl Hill

The Settlers

Vivian Stuart

Dance with the Enemy

Rob Sinclair

The Prisoners

Vivian Stuart

Orphans Preferred

Renee Vajko Srch

The Roads of War

John Cameron