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Hard Like Water

Yan Lianke

All I've Ever Wanted

Adrianne Byrd

Night Neon: Tales of Mystery and Suspense

Joyce Carol Oates

John and Mary Margaret

Susan Cushman

Daybook from Sheep Meadow - The Notebooks of Tallis Martinson

Peter Dimock

The Day She Died

S. M. Freedman

The Lockhart Women - A Novel

Mary Camarillo

 Lemons In The Garden of Love - A Novel

Ames Sheldon

Courting Justice

R. L. Sommer

A Season in Queens

Gerry Dryansky, Joanne Dryansky

Sufficient Sacrifice

Annette Valentine

The Happiness Thief - A Novel

Nicole Bokat

Among the Hedges

Sara Mesa

The Doomsday Book of Fairy Tales

Emily Brewes

Into the Mouth of the Lion

A. B. Kyazze

Sunday Drive to Gun Club Road

Marion Quednau

The Way It Should Be

Christina Suzann Nelson


TaraShea Nesbit

An I-Novel

Minae Mizumura

Passenger 23 - dive in to a twisted and terrifying thriller

Sebastian Fitzek


Chris Limb

Trouble on the Other Side - A Case of Unhappy Juice

Dawn Wheeler

A Winter's Night - A thrilling mix of history and fantasy for fans of George RR Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series

Theodore Brun

Think And Grow Rich

Napoleon Hill

Love Me Like You Do - an emotional story of love and finding yourself

Aimee Brown

Dark Circles

Udayan Mukerjee

All the Right Mistakes - A Novel

Laura Jamison

Writers & Lovers - A Novel

Lily King

Black Sunday - A Novel

Tola Rotimi Abraham

Horror Short Stories

H. P. Lovecraft