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On the Line - Notes from a Factory

Joseph Ponthus

A Melancholy Event

Dan Glaister

Your Friend Forever

Zena Barrie

The Little Devil and Other Stories

Alexei Remizov

Match - A Medical Murder Mystery

Amy S. Peele

Narcissus Nobody - A Novel

Gina Yates


Rikki Ducornet

The Sound Between The Notes - A Novel

Barbara Linn Probst

Barker House

David Moloney

Maxwell's Demon

Steven Hall

Rest and Be Thankful

Emma Glass

Amber - an absolutely gripping gritty crime thriller

Heather Burnside

Cold Boy's Wood

Carol Birch

Forgive and Forget - an addictive new crime novel perfect for fans of Kimberley Chambers

Stephanie Harte


TaraShea Nesbit

All That We Carried - A Novel

Erin Bartels

Stung - An Arthur Beauchamp Novel

William Deverell


Teddy Wayne

Through the Waters and the Wild

Greg Fields

An I-Novel

Minae Mizumura

Passenger 23 - dive in to a twisted and terrifying thriller

Sebastian Fitzek


Sergei Lebedev

One Night Two Souls Went Walking

Ellen Cooney

Think And Grow Rich

Napoleon Hill

Love Me Like You Do - an emotional story of love and finding yourself

Aimee Brown

The Lines Between Us - A Novel

Rebecca D'Harlingue

The Classic Horror Collection

H.P. Lovecraft

The Club - A Novel

Takis W├╝rger

What Happens at Night

Peter Cameron

The Blessed Girl

Angela Makholwa