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Raw Kingdom - Buried in the Dust

Y. Daher

Harris bin Potter and the Stoned Philosopher

Suffian Hakim

War Girl Lotte

Marion Kummerow

Remnants of Trust - A Central Corps Novel

Elizabeth Bonesteel

Rhunken Chronicles - Tongass

Mark F. Mahoney

The New Girl - A Novel

Daniel Silva

The Cole Williams Story - Caribbean's Keeper and Graves in the Sand

Brian Boland

Siege of Knoxville

Jack Martin

Absolute Zero

Artem Chekh

The Friend - A Novel

Joakim Zander

Ranching in the Tetons

James Berger

Never Again

Flora Nwapa

The Brink - An Awakened Novel

James Murray, Darren Wearmouth

Wolf Trap

Alan Hescott

Fall; or Dodge in Hell - A Novel

Neal Stephenson

Jane Knight - Fair Game

Leon M A Edwards

Teal Haven

Randi Lee Beers

Tales of a Traveller

Washington Irving

Book of the Little Axe

Lauren Francis-Sharma

A Song from Faraway - A Novel

Ellis Béchard Deni

King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table

Sir Thomas Malory Malory

The Legends of King Arthur and His Knights

Sir James Knowles

Delta File

Dale A. Dye

Hardening the Steel

Mark B. Gilgam

Rise after a Fall

Геннадий Афанасьев

Woman of War

Анна Шила

One Hundred Years Later

Alberto Vázquez-Figueroa

The Prophet of the Termite God - Book Two of the Antasy Series

Clark Thomas Carlton

Olaf the Glorious - A Story of the Viking Age

Robert Leighton

The Black Arrow

Robert Louis Stevenson