"There is more treasure in books than in all the pirates' loot on Treasure Island." - Walt Disney
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The Gospel According to Billy the Kid - A Novel

Dennis McCarthy

The Girls in Blue - a gripping and emotional wartime saga

Fenella J. Miller

Breakout at Stalingrad

Heinrich Gerlach

The Conan the Barbarian Stories

Robert E. Howard

Obsidian - Book II of The Book of Bera trilogy

Suzie Wilde

Conquest - An epic historical adventure novel

Andrew Frediani

The Horseman - The West Country Trilogy

Tim Pears

The Book of Bera - Sea Paths

Suzie Wilde


Luke Short


George Orwell

Shadow of the Hawk

David Gilman

Jolt - a rural noir

Roberta M Roy

Turner’s Rage - Secrets Tragedy and Romance A Family’s Turmoil Sparked by Industrial Revo

James Seymour

Krishna Yogeshvara - The Dice of Kutil Dharma - Book 2 of Krishna Trilogy

Sanjay Dixit

Right to Know

Edward Willett

Falcon's Egg

Edward Willett

Adrift on Ethereal Seas - Stories of Science Fiction Horror and the Supernatural

Richard Van Doren


Richard Van Doren

Pray for the Devil

Richard Van Doren

Secret Adventures - Stories of Love and Revenge

Richard Van Doren

Certain Death One

Richard Van Doren

The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood

Howard Pyle

Infinity’s Gateway - A Novel

James S. Parker


Peter f.B.

Sons of Rome

Simon Turney, Gordon Doherty

The Jungle Book

Rudyard Kipling

The Pact - An addictive page-turning thriller

Dawn Goodwin

Dead Men’s Silence: - A Chris Black Adventure

James Lindholm

A Ration Book Childhood - Perfect for fans of Ellie Dean and Lesley Pearse

Jean Fullerton

The Wars Among the Paines

John M. Millar