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The Gamekeeper's Wife - An emotional saga set in 1920s England

Clare Flynn

Ithaca Forever - Penelope Speaks A Novel

Luigi Malerba

War and Peace

Leo Tolstoy

The Space Between Time

Charlie Laidlaw

Celebrity - A Novel

Thomas Thompson

Five Roses

Alice Zorn

Tears in the Grass

Lynda A. Archer

Don't Put the Boats Away - A Novel

Ames Sheldon

Peace Comes to Honeyfield

Anna Jacobs

A Respectable Woman

Susanna Bavin

Danube Street

Linda Tweedie, Kate McGregor

The Greek Persuasion - A Novel

Kimberly K. Robeson

Atonement - Deliver Us from Honor Book II

S.E. Valenti

The Black Silk Purse - The heart-warming page-turner

Margaret Kaine


Seb Larkin

The Lovely Lane Box Set - Books 1-3

Nadine Dorries

When Midnight Comes

Beryl Matthews

Moving On

Anna Jacobs

To Keep the Sun Alive - A Novel

Rabeah Ghaffari

The Kent Family Chronicles Volumes Four Through Six - The Furies The Titans and The Warriors

John Jakes

An Angel Sings

Nadine Dorries

Breaking From The Enemy

J.R. Sharp

Tender Victory - A Novel

Taylor Caldwell

The Final Hour - A Novel

Taylor Caldwell

Never Victorious Never Defeated - A Novel

Taylor Caldwell

To Look and Pass - A Novel

Taylor Caldwell

The Balance Wheel - A Novel

Taylor Caldwell

The Strong City - A Novel

Taylor Caldwell

This Side of Innocence - A Novel

Taylor Caldwell

The Turnbulls - A Novel

Taylor Caldwell