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Book of the Little Axe

Lauren Francis-Sharma

Scent of Danger

Fiona Buckley

A Lawless Place - Swashbuckling adventure on the Kent coast

David Donachie

A Close Run Thing

David Donachie

Obsidian - Book II of The Book of Bera trilogy

Suzie Wilde

The Bird King - A Novel

G. Willow Wilson

The Contraband Shore

David Donachie

Domini Mortum

Paul Holbrook

The Templar Legacy

Mario Reading

The Bedlam Stacks

Natasha Pulley

On a Particular Service

David Donachie

The Sheriff's Catch

James Vella-Bardon

A Mighty Dawn

Theodore Brun


David Hingley

A Treacherous Coast

David Donachie

The Powder of Death

Julian Stockwin


David Hingley

Around the World in 80 Days (Legend Classics)

Jules Verne

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (Legend Classics)

Mark Twain


David Donachie

The Book of Bera - Sea Paths

Suzie Wilde

Fortune and Glory: A Treasure Hunter’s Handbook

David McIntee

The Scent of Betrayal

David Donachie

The Devil's Own Luck

David Donachie

Dust Clouds of War

John Wilcox

An Element of Chance

David Donachie

A Hanging Matter

David Donachie

The Dying Trade

David Donachie

A Game of Bones

David Donachie

The Dillon Place Mystery – A Sherlock Holmes Investigation

George Morrison