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Task Lyst

Scott Hylbert

In Good Faith

Hansa Muranjan-Shahi

The Papaya King

Adam Pelzman


Abda Khan

A River of Bodies - The deeper he goes the darker it gets …

Kevin Doyle

The Cuban Comedy

Pablo Medina

Inhabitation - A Novel

Teru Miyamoto

Lost in Dalat - The Courage of a Family Torn by War

James Luger

A Tropical Tale

Fredrick Kyomya

State of the Heart

Carol Patterson

Lethal Injection

Perry Miller

The Space Between Time

Charlie Laidlaw


Michelle Paver

Things that Fall from the Sky

Selja Ahava

The Paper Wasp

Lauren Acampora

Joy - And 52 Other Very Short Stories

Erin McGraw

Suzy Suzy

William Wall


Kevin Morris

Tangled Roots

Marcia Talley

The Alchemist

Paulo Coelho

The Summer Demands

Deborah Shapiro

The Greek Persuasion - A Novel

Kimberly K. Robeson

Highwire Moon

Susan Straight


Neil McCormick

Down in Dixiana

James D McCallister

A Job You Mostly Won't Know How to Do - A Novel

Pete Fromm

Vigil - and other stories

Derek Mortimer


Tim Murphy

A Better Next - A Novel

Maren Cooper

The Heavens

Sandra Newman